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UFC 128 "Jones vs. ShoGun" Results!!

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Welcome to the UFC 128 full results. What a night it was on pay per view a new champion and a great debut by Faber. Here is a special look at the full results....

UFC 128 "Jones vs. ShoGun"

Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic vs. Brendan Schaub

Round 1

Schaub comes with a kick to the body and a few short uppercuts. The younger righty ties up with the veteran and they exchange thumping shots to the ribs. Referee Herb Dean splits them up and issues Schaub a “hard warning” for strikes that strayed to the back of Cro Cop’s head. Schaub brings Cro Cop down and eats an upkick as he stands from the Croatian’s guard. The American dives back in and Mirko closes up his guard, tying up Schaub’s arm briefly to stifle the punches. It doesn’t last long, as the “Hybrid” postures up and slams right hands into Cro Cop’s face. Filipovic hits the switch and scrambles to his feet, shoving Schaub into the fence with a minute to go in the round. Schaub drives forward and tries to trip Cro Cop down, but the striker hops backward and stays up. Not much action in the clinch down the stretch. Schaub lands a few knees to the gut and an uppercut before the horn.

Round 2

Cro Cop fires a left high kick that’s partially blocked and Schaub takes him straight down. As Schaub stands, Mirko lands an upkick to the face. Herb Dean stops the action and issues Cro Cop a warning of his own, as Schaub’s knee was barely touching the mat (while his hand grabbed the fence) when the upkick landed. They resume and go back to the clinch. Schaub bullies Cro Cop into the fence and tries to come over the top with elbows. Cro Cop reverses and the heavyweights trade knees up the gut. Schaub’s bleeding profusely from the nose as they jockey for position along the perimeter. Herb Dean breaks them up and deducts a point from Schaub for further strikes to the back of Cro Cop’s head. Filipovic closes out the round with more elbows from the clinch. Replays show it was one of those strikes that cracked Schaub’s nose and cut him above the left eye.

Round 3

Filipovic lands a low kick early in the final round and Schaub needs a break to recover. Upon resuming, he plows Cro Cop to the mat in the center of the cage. Filipovic ties up the right arm of Schaub and scrambles up, only to be taken right back down. Schaub works to pass, can’t and Cro Cop stands again. Two minutes to go and it’s still looking like anyone’s fight. Cro Cop initiates the clinch, but doesn’t do much from the position. They tie up again, and break just as quickly. Cro Cop stuffs a long shot from Schaub and tags him on the way up. Suddenly, Schaub lands a winging right hand behind the ear of Filipovic and the Croatian crumbles to the mat. Herb Dean rushes in to save the helpless Pride vet from further punishment at 3:44 of the third round.

Nate Marquardt vs. Dan Miller

Round 1

Dan Miragliotta is back in the cage for this middleweight bout. Marquardt rushes in behind a combination, stuffs a single-leg from Miller and looks for a guillotine from the sprawl. It doesn’t come and Miller continues to drive on the takedown attempt, finally depositing Marquardt against the base of the fence. Miller can’t flatten Marquardt and Marquardt gets to his feet. He slams Miller down, but Miller grabs for his go-to guillotine choke on the way. Marquardt turns into the hold and pops his head loose. Miller ties up with rubber guard and they stall out along the fence. Miragliotta stands them up with a minute left in the round. Marquardt decks Miller with corkscrew right hand and then deposits him back on the floor. Miller twists to his left, looking for a kimura on Marquardt’s right arm, but he can’t get it. Marquardt lands a few punches from the top at the horn.

Round 2

Marquardt connects with a combo, goes high with a left kick and then slaps an inside thigh kick. Big right hand and a left high kick from Marquardt, then a flying knee. Miller drives forward and takes Marquardt down, then looks to take the Greg Jackson fighter’s back as they stand. Marquardt is aware of this and keeps his back glued to the fence as he works to his feet. Two minutes left in the round. Marquardt is pumping his jab on a tired-looking Miller before he decides to take the New Jersey native down. Miller grabs another guillotine from guard and falls back, but Marquardt again extracts his head. He finishes the round on top.

Round 3

Miller gets an uppercut through and Marquardt answers with another head kick. Marquardt scores with a leg kick and a one-two to the now-bloodied face of Miller, who retaliates with a combo and leg kick of his own. Marquardt tags his man with a solid right and sprawls on a takedown with three minutes left in the fight. Miller is slow to get up from the takedown attempt, allowing Marquardt to spin around him. Rather than give up his back, Miller falls to guard. He leans to his left and looks for an arm, but Marquardt is smashing with elbows from top position. They scoot into the fence and Miller grabs at the kimura again to no avail. Marquardt grinds and punishes in the final minute, much to the displeasure of the pro-Miller crowd. Miller throws up his legs, hunting for an armbar or a triangle, but he runs out of time.

Official scores: It’s a clean sweep for Nate Marquardt with scores of 30-27 from all three judges.

Kamal Shalorus vs. Jim Miller

Round 1

Referee Kevin Mulhall is in the cage for this lightweight bout. Big exchanges early from both men, with Miller landing punches and Shalorus leg kicks. Chants of “U-S-A” start up less than a minute into the bout. Miller ducks in with a stiff left and Shalorus misses his winging counter punches. Shalorus catches a kick from Miller and slugs him with a right hand. Shalorus is throwing more punches, but Miller is landing the crisper, cleaner strikes. Miller comes in with a leaping knee and gets spun to the ground, but he stands right back up. Shalorus keeps the leg kicks coming and Miller answers in kind. Left high kick connects for Miller, but Shalorus doesn’t go down. Instead, he stays up and continues slinging wild, looping punches in Miller’s general direction. Miller scores with a punch and a follow-up knee to the gut, then jumps guard with a guillotine. Shalorus’ head slips right out and the pair scoot around the mat, trading short shots. Shalorus gets Miller against the fence and Mulhall stands them up with 20 seconds left. Miller puts his shin on Shalorus’ face again and dives for another guillotine at the end of the round.

Round 2

Shalorus begins the round with a significant mouse under his left eye. Back to the exchanges of the opening round until Shalorus scores a takedown. Miller may have partially pulled guard there, and he stands right back up. Now Miller takes Shalorus down, instantly taking the back of the “Prince of Persia” and locking up a tight body triangle. Miller complains that Shalorus is grabbing his glove and Mulhall warns Shalorus. Still 2:30 left on the clock as Miller continues to work for the rear-naked choke. Shalorus is looking to twist around and into Miller’s guard, but Miller’s body lock is tight. Unable to slip his arm under the chin, Miller opts for a palm-to-palm RNC attempt. Shalorus grimaces but doesn’t tap. Miller goes for it again; the hold is more of a neck crank than a choke, and Shalorus doesn’t look like he’s going to tap to it. The round ends with Miller firing off punches from back control.

Round 3

Shalorus throws the first dozen or so punches of the round, but doesn’t appear to land any. Miller lands an accidental knee to the groin of Shalorus and they pause momentarily. Shalorus recovers quickly and goes back to lobbing bombs. Miller blasts Shalorus with a left uppercut and drops him with a follow-up knee. Shalorus is in bad trouble, turtling against the cage with blood pouring onto the mat. Miller pounces and finishes the fight with a dozen hard hammer fists. Mulhall steps in for the stoppage at 2:15 of the third round, giving Shalorus his first loss and Miller his seventh straight win.

UFC 128 Co-Main Event

Urijah Faber vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1

Keith Peterson is the referee for tonight’s co-main event. The bantamweights tie up and Wineland shoves Faber into the fence. Wineland controls with underhooks and looks to trip Faber to the floor, but Faber stays up and drops for a shot of his own. Wineland stuffs this and socks Faber on his way back up. Faber charges forward again and brings Wineland down momentarily. Soon back up to his feet, Wineland gets underhooks again and looks for a takedown against the cage. He finally gets it about midway through the round, but Faber stands quickly. Faber trying to time Wineland’s right hand, lands a few counter rights before shooting in. Wineland stuffs the shot once more and Faber goes back to headhunting. Faber is scoring with single right hands and gets Wineland to bite on a takedown fake before the horn.

Round 2

Faber continuing to find his range in the first minute of the second round, landing punches and making Wineland miss on his. He floors Wineland with a takedown and postures up in full guard, driving hard, short elbows down into Wineland’s face. Faber picks his man up and drives him back into the mat. More elbows from Faber on top as Wineland tries to tie up and stifle the action. Faber stacks up again and pins Wineland’s throat to the mat with his left hand while punching with his right. Wineland tries to throw his legs up for a submission late, but Faber is just too strong on top.

Round 3

It’s clinch work in the early going of the final frame. Faber drills a few knees to the midsection of Wineland, who answers with a slapping leg kick when they break. Faber gets a shot stuffed and Wineland tries to take his back standing. It doesn’t work and they go back to striking. Wineland sticks a left jab in Faber’s face, and Faber socks him with a hard uppercut. More punches follow, then a takedown from the “California Kid” with 70 seconds on the clock. Faber lifts Wineland and slams him down again. Wineland throwing his legs up again and trying to avoid the elbows of Faber, but he can’t scoot free before the fight ends.

Official scores: All three judges see it 29-28, giving Urijah Faber the win in his UFC debut.

UFC 128 Main Event

UFC Light Heavyweight Title Match (5, 5 Minute Rounds)

(C) Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua vs. Jon 'Bones' Jones

Round 1

Referee Herb Dean is the referee for tonight’s light heavyweight championship bout. Should it go the distance, the judges at cageside are Douglas Crosby, Cardo Urso and Dave Tirelli. The challenger opens the bout with a leaping knee, then a spinning back-kick that misses. The men clinch and Jones scores a trip takedown with ease against the base of the cage. Rua stuffs Jones back to open guard and looks to isolate the arms from the bottom. Jones spins to Shogun’s right and tries to pass half-guard while looking at a guillotine. Rua puts him back in full guard and Jones mashes with elbows from the top as he tries again to pass. Rua scoots free and stands, but eats a barrage of knees and punches on the way up. The champ is dazed against the cage as Jones backs up to give him space. Rua looks absolutely spent coming forward with 90 seconds still to go in the opening round. Jones corks Rua with more long punches, then a kick to the knee. Shogun scores with a one-two of his own and takes Jones’ back staning, but Jones reverses and finishes the round in Rua’s guard.

Round 2

Jones whips a leg kick at Rua, then backs him up with a teep. They tie up and Jones blasts him with a spinning elbow as they split. Jones going high and low with his kicks, playing matador to the tired-looking Rua. Now Shogun connects with a combination, but Jones instantly ties up. Jones sticks a hand in Shogun’s face to show the distance and backs up when the champion comes forward. Superman punches, elbows and more low kicks from Jones. Shogun throws a leg kick of his own and gets tripped down, winding up with Jones postured up in his guard. Jones smothers Rua and then drives an elbow into his face. Jones cracks Rua with more elbows, then lays his forearm across the Brazilian’s throat. The right side of Rua’s face looks battered and swollen as the last minute of the second frame ticks down. Herb Dean warns Jones not to elbow Rua’s neck. That’s where the round ends.

Round 3

Jones plants a one-two on Rua and misses with a head kick. Rua takes the opportunity to duck inside, then dives for a leg lock. Jones will have none of it and flattens Rua out, then works on advancing past half-guard. Rua breathing heavy on the bottom as Jones opens up with heavy punches and elbows. A series of elbows causes Shogun to cover up. Jones tries to finish but Rua turtles. Jones drives a nasty knee into the body. Rua stands and wobbles backward into the cage. Jones stalks him, finds his opening and drills him with a brutal left hook to the body. Another knee lands on the way down and Herb Dean rescues Rua at 2:37 of the third round, making 23-year-old Jon Jones the youngest champion in UFC history.

What a night for the kid. He came in and ShoGun had no answers for him hence Jones leaves New Jersey as the new Light Heavyweight champion. Also the debut of Urijah Faber was nothing short of excellent and good things will be coming from him.

Also the UFC pay per views are starting at a new time 9pm EST starting with Toronto which is SOLD OUT. The ONLY way to see it is LIVE on pay per view. UFC 129 "St. Pierre vs. Shields" for the UFC Welter Weight champions Saturday night April 30th.

Thank you so much for joining us here. We will see you here in Toronto April 30th. This has been a special presentation of King Jay Entertainment and this is what the world is watching!!

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