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TNA LockDown Results!!

What a night it was at TNA LockDown. Here are the full resutls from a crazy action packed night in Cincinnati!!

TNA LockDown 2011

We get a video package hyping the fact that every match tonight will be taking place inside of a steel cage. We also get a look at a couple of the big feuds heading into tonight.

No pyro, but Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV and immediately begins hyping the World title match, Jarrett/Angle, and The Lethal Lockdown match. With a stacked schedule for the night, Chris Sabin's music hits, and we begin the Xscape match.

Ultimate XsCape Match

Matt Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Suicide vs. Robbie E. vs. Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Brian Kendrick

The door closes and things go easily into Robbie E. and Suicide. Suicide beats on Robbie in the corner and everone else is out on the apron. Suicide hits a dropkick that sends Robbie into the corner, then catches Max Buck when he tries to interfere. Buck tags himself in and takes Suicide out with a back elbow along with Robbie E. Buck hits a dropkick and Jeremy tags himself in, but Max tags out to Lethal.

Lethal falls to a hurricarana from Buck, but Lethal hits a tilt a whirl back breaker and the Lethal combination and Max and Suicide both tag in. Suicide takes Buck out with an elbow across the chest and takes him to the corner where Robbie tags in. Robbie takes out Suicide with sole food and pins Suicide for the three count.

Suicide has been eliminated.

Lethal is in, and so is Sabin, and they pepper Robbie with right hands before slamming him head first into the cage. Sabin tries to catch Lethal with a roll up but Lethal kicks out, and after a flurry Lethal puts Sabin down with a single leg drop kick. Red tags in and flies off the top rope with a missile dropkick to Sabin. He stands up and is chopped by Lethal, but when Lethal goes for a handspring, Red catches Lethal with a kick to the face. Red hits the Code Red and pins Lethal for three.

Jay Lethal is eliminated.

Sabin comes in but Red catches him in the corner with a dropkick to the back of the head. Sabin tosses Red up but he lands on the top rope and steadies himself. Red leaps off and Sabin puts him down with a suplex variation and a giant lariat to put Red down for three.

Amazing Red is eliminated.

Max Buck is in and he takes it to Sabin for a bit before Sabin hangs him up in a tree of woe and hits him with a hang time drop kick. Sabin goes for the pin but Buck kicks out. Max is able to hit an awesome stunner from the top rope and he pins Sabin for three.

Chris Sabin is eliminated.

Kendrick jumps in and tries to score a quick roll up but Max kicks out and Robbie tags in, taking Kendrick out. Kendrick comes right back with a dropkick and splashes Robbie into the cage wall. Max goes for a moonsault but Kendrick gets his knees up. Jeremy and Max finally square off and Jeremy is taking it to Max. Max tries to escape the cage but he's cut off by Jeremy who pounds on his head and takes him from side to side in the cage slamming his head into the walls before hitting a big spinning kick to the head.

Jeremy mounts Max and hits him with punches, but when he goes back to his brother, he ends up in a small package and he's out.

Jeremy Buck is eliminated.

Robbie E. is in and he's stomping away on Kendrick. Robbie and Max teal up and each pick up Kendrick on a shoulder before launching him face first into the cage. Kendrick is able to fight back, slamming both into the cage wall before kicking both Robbie and Max. Kendrick is on fire, reversing a backdrop and hitting a big kick to the face. Thrust kick to Robbie E. and Robbie is out.

Robbie E. is eliminated.

Kendrick goes right to climb the cage but Max pulls him down and tries to beat him down immediately. This is the escape portion of the match. Max powerbombs Kendrick into the corner and slams his face into the cage. Max goes to climb the cage but Kendrick is still fighting and he climbs to the top rope and slams Buck's face into the cage repeatedly until he falls to the mat. Max pushes Hebner into the cage and Kendrick falls to the mat. Max climbs the cage quickly, and he's over, winning the match.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender to the X-Division Title: Max Buck

In the Arena:

Tenay and Tax talk, but they're interrupted by Eric Bischoff's music. Bischoff walks out, and smiles, pointing at the crowd, and posing with his arms in the air. Brooke Hogan is shown dancing and cheering in the front row. Bischoff has a mic in his hand as he climbs into the ring. Bischoff thanks the people and says they know how much he loves them. He says that he loves that they came to their soiree this evening. Bischoff says tonight is a special night, that it's one of the happiest nights he's had in this industry in many years. Bischoff says people come to his and ask him what matters most to him in his career. Bischoff says he tries to explain when you're in a position like he is, and you've rewritten the book on pro-wrestling that it's hard to say what matters most, but he's going to try and sum it up. Tonight is special because tonight Immortal is going to take care of the distraction that Fortune has become. He says Fortune made the mistake of getting involved in Immortal's business, and that ends tonight. He says he's also excited because he gets to be part of the vision of Hulk Hogan, his mentor, who taught him everything he knows about wrestling. He says tonight he helps Hogan gets the World Title off of Sting and back in Hogan's control, and that's why he's happy, and that's all that matters to Bischoff.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Crimson and Scott Steiner. Crimson says it'll be an honor to step in the ring with Scott. Steiner says a lot of things that I'm not really able to transcribe for this website. He also says they'll give Cincinnati what they want, and kick somebody's butt.

Scott Steiner & Crimson vs. Ink Inc. vs. Douglas Williams & Magnus vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young

The cage door closes, and we're ready to kick things off. It's not really tornado styles as everyone is out on the apron. EY and Neal are starting off and EY tries to escape the cage, but everyone tells him it's not time yet. EY bounces on the top rope for a bit before dropping down and locking up with Neal. Neal hits a big shoulder block, and he and EY trade arm drags, then Japanese arm drages, then they stop for a hand shake. Moore tags in and he doesn't look happy with NEal. He takes it right to EY with a big hurricarana before locking in an arm bar on EY. Williams tags in and he tries to suplex EY, but EY lands on his feet and tags out to Jordan. Jordan comes in but he's immediately double teamed by the Brits who toss him into the corner. Jordan comes back, taking out both Brits before Neal tags himself in. Magnus takes Neal out with a giant clothesline.

Another double team move from the British Invasion and another pin attempt, but Moore breaks it up. The crowd wants Steiner. Williams hits Neal with a running knee in the corner and Magnus hits a snap mare. The Brits catch Neal in the corner, but Neal is able to fight out and tag out to Crimson. Crimson hits Magnus with a series of knees to the face and a neckbreaker, but then both men hit clotheslines and both end up on their backs. Both men make the tag to their own partners and Steiner comes in, taking out both Brits. He drops and elbow on Magnus and does some pushups before hitting both Brits with back body drops, and belly to belly suplexes. Steiner catches EY coming off the top rope with another belly to belly. Steiner goes up top with Magnus and hits a belly to belly from the top. Steiner looks for another one, but Moore comes in and knocks Steiner off, and for some reason Steiner goes back to his corner.

EY drops his trunks to reveal matching trunks with his partner Jordan. Things are breaking down quickly and everyone in in hitting their big moves. Steiner hits an exploder on Magnus and EY hits a missile dropkick on Steiner. EY points to the top of the cage and he climbs down. Shannon Moore hits the Moore-gasm, and pins Magnus, getting the three count, right as EY hits the floor.

Winners: Ink Inc.

EY looks confused out on the floor, saying that he won.


Hemme is backstage and Madison Rayne walks by with scissors. Hemme mentions that she hopes that James wins tonight. Rayne says she'll retain and she's going to take Mickie's hair. Rayne plays with Tara's hair, but, Tara doesn't like it, and it looks like Rayne isn't happy, as she says she's tired of Tara and she doesn't need her at ringside. Rayne storms off.

TNA KnockOuts Title Match

Title vs. Hair

(C) Madison Rayne vs. (Hair) Mickie James

The bell rings, and Mickie kicks Rayne in the gut before tossing her face first into the ring three times into three different cage walls. Mickie jumps up and hits a big DDT using her injured arm. She pins Rayne and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Mickie James


Christy Hemme is backstage with Matt Morgan, she asks about his match with Hernandez tonight. Morgan says Hernandez has been a thorn in his side since he got back from Mexico. Morgan says tonight he's getting back on track, and he's doing that by going through Hernandez. He says tonight he's going to punt Hernandez's football head back to Mexico.

The Pope vs. Samoa Joe

The bell rings, and the crowd thinks Joe is going to kill Pope. Pope looks apprehensive to begin the match, and he tries to climb but Joe pulls him back down. Pope hits Joe with a cheap shot but Joe comes back with a series of jabs. Pope is able to return the favor with a body slam, but then he turns around into a big clothesline and another series of jabs that sits Pope down in the corner. Joe splashes Pope, then hits a giant kick to Pope's head that puts him down again. Joe catches Pope with a big chop, and another. A third puts Pope down and he begins to beg off, but when Joe goes to attack, Pope throws Joe head first into the turnbuckle. Pope goes to work with a series of blows to Joe's midsection, but Joe comes back with another chop. Pope goes to climb the cage again, but Joe climbs up and on the top rope, slams his head into the cage wall. Dinero crotches himself, and Joe hits a running kick to the chest to knock Dinero free. Joe face washes Dinero repeatedly in the corner.

Pope is able to pull the ref into the way, distraction Joe, and this allows him to throw Joe head first into the cage wall. Pope rips away at Joe's eyes and hits him with a couple of rights. Joe responds with a couple of rights of his own, then a couple of kicks, but Pope comes up with the 4 Up and that's good for a two count. The camera angles are really weird tonight, trying to showcase the crowd. Pope locks in a rear chin lock, and the feed freezes for a second. When it comes back, Joe reverses only to be clotheslines straight down to the canvas. Pope hits Joe with a couple of back hands to the face, but when he charges, Joe hits Pope with a quick snap power slam.

Pope and Joe trade slaps in the middle of the ring, and Joe can't be stopped, slapping repeatedly before hitting a Manhattan drop, big kick, and senton splash, but he still can't put Pope down for three. Joe hits a big leg lariat from the middle rope, but can only get a two count. Joe sits Pope up on the top rope, then connects with a big muscle buster, but he's too close to the ropes, and Pope gets his leg on the bottom rope, breaking the count.

Pope goes right back to trying to climb the cage again, but Joe grabs Pope by the tights, and Pope's full behind is exposed. Pope fights Joe off, sending him to the canvas, and pulling up his trunks. Pope hits a big elbow drop that's good for a one count, then a lungblower that's good for two. Pope pulls down his knee pads and goes for the DDE, but Joe catches him and slams him back first into the cage. Joe hits the muscle buster again, then locks in the rear naked choke in the middle of the ring. Pope taps out clean right in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Samoa Joe


Hernandez is backstage with his whole stable making a lot of noise. Hemme tries to ask a couple of questions, and Hernandez asks to be interviewed in Spanish. Hernandez and his group take turns speaking on the mic in Spanish before finishing with a 'Viva Mexico' chant.

Matt Morgan
vs. Hernandez

The bell rings, and both men go right at it with a series of right hands. Morgan gets the better of the situation, and ends up delivering his rapid fire elbows in the corner before splashing Hernandez. Morgan hits a sidewalk slam, which is good for a two count. Morgan goes to climb the rope, and Anarchia grabs Morgan's leg through one of the camera holes, allowing Hernandez to splash Morgan against the cage. Hernandez lays into Morgan with a series of right hands before grinding his face into the cage.

Hernandez locks in a nerve hold, but it's not long before Morgan fights out. Morgan hits a cross body, but Hernandez kicks out at one and hits a big clothesline before choking him blatantly in the middle of the ring. Hernandez slams Morgan face first into the cage wall, to the delight of his stable-mates. Morgan begins to fight back with a couple of rights, but Hernandez takes him right off of his feet with a giant shoulder block. Hernandez chokes Morgan with a towel, before stomping and choking him in the corner.

Hernandez hits Morgan with a shoulder to the gut in the corner with force, causing Morgan to fall to the mat. Hernandez stands over Morgan and taunts him, playing to the crowd. Morgan gets up to his feet and connects with a discus clothesline with Hernandez turns around. Morgan psychs himself up, connecting with a head butt, and a couple of big rights hands, and back to back clotheslines. Morgan launches Hernandez head first into the cage wall, then follows it up with another launching. Morgan picks Hernandez up and tosses him into the cage once more before hitting a back drop suplex, but he can't keep Hernandez down for three. Hernandez hits a running head butt to the gut, but Morgan sidesteps another charging leap, and Hernandez connects with the cage wall. Mexican America begins climbing the cage from the outside, but Morgan knocks them off. Hernandez goes to the top and comes off at Morgan, but Morgan connects with the Carbon footprint and this one is over.

Winner: Matt Morgan

In the Arena:

Following the match, Sarita and Rosita get into the ring and Sarita says that this is typical. They're always being screwed over, and everyone saw it tonight. Sarita says why isn't she the Knockouts Champion? It's because they can't stand the fact that Mexican America is better than them. She says they've plowed through every Knockout on the roster, and they're going to do what they want, when they want to. Rosita speaks a bit in Spanish, and Sarita translates it, saying they're not going anywhere. They're interrupted by Velvet Sky who comes out, drop toe holds Rosita and tackles Sarita, pounding her face in before tossing her across the ring and kicking her to the outside. Velvet poses to a lot of love from the crowd.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Karen Angle. Karen says Jeff Jarrett is the ultra man, the ultra dad, and the ultra loves. She says Jeff has this covered and she had nothing to worry about.

Best 2 Out Of 3 Falls "Ultra Male Match"

1st Fall: Pinall ONLY
2nd Fall: Submission
3rd Fall: Escape The Cage (If Necessary)

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Karen Jarrett (sorry for calling her Angle earlier, it's out of habit) is sent to the back before the match is even able to begin.

Both men are in the cage and the door is closed, and this one is set to begin. Jarrett climbs up on the ropes and tests the strength of the steel cage by shaking the walls. The bell rings, and we're ready to go. Jarrett looks apprehensive. Angle locks in a head lock and takes Jarrett right down to the mat. Jarrett fights up and takes Angle to the corner, hitting him with a big right hand and following up with a couple more. Angle comes right back with a big suplex. Angle hits Jarrett with a big right, but Jarrett is able to take Angle off his feet and lock in the figure four. The first fall is supposed to be submision only, but the referee is counting pinfalls. Angle tries to turn the submission over, and when he does, Jarrett immediately grabs the ropes to force a break. Angle gets up to his feet and launches Jarrett with a t-bone suplex before locking in the ankle lock. Jarrett fights it off quickly.

Jarrett is able to lock in the sleeper hold, taking Angle down to the mat and locking his legs around Angle's midsection. Angle is able to fight back up to his feet, and he locks in the ankle lock in the middle of the ring, but Jarrett fights out quickly again. Angle charges Jarrett in the corner, but Jarrett moves and Angle hits the steel post with his shoulder. Jarrett kicks Angle in the shoulder and locks in an arm bar, but Angle is able to turn it around into the ankle lock in the middle of the ring with the leg grapevined. Jarrett taps.

Angle wins the first fall

At the beginning of the second fall, Jarrett launches Angle face first into the cage and connects with the stroke, very quickly. Jarrett goes for the pin but Angle is able to kick out at two. Jarrett goes to the top for a cross body, but Angle reverses into a pin, Jarrett kicks out. Jarrett connects with a right hand before choking Angle against the middle rope. Both men connect with clotheslines, and both are down.

Both men trade right hands in the middle of the ring, and Angle gets the upper hand with a flying forearm and big clothesline. Angle connects with a belly to belly suplex but can still only get a two couple. Jarrett catches Kurt with a knee and slams him into the cage wall, but Angle comes right back with a German suplex. He holds on and connects with a second, but when he goes for a third, Jarrett holds on to the ropes and low blows Angle, preventing it. Jarrett stands up and goes for the stroke again, but Angle launches him into the cage wall and follows up with the Angle slam. Angle pins Jarrett but he only gets two.

Angle sits Jarrett on the top rope and tries to follow, but Jarrett tosses him back. Angle tries to run up the ropes but loses his footing. After a stumble, Angle connects with a super belly to belly suplex but Jarrett still won't stay down. Angle peppers Jarrett with right hands and connects with another big clothesline. Angle connects with an RKO (probably to get back at Orton for WM). Angle goes for another Angle slam, but Jarrett rolls through and rolls Angle up, holding the tights and getting the three.

Jarrett wins the second fall and we're tied at one a piece

Jarrett ambushes Angle and slingshots him into the cage wall. Jarrett goes to the cage door and he's able to unlock the chain holding the door closes. Angle is able to use the time to recover and he comes up with a big German suplex, then a second, third, fourth (Angle will not stop!), and fifth. Angle looks to exit the cage through the door, but he climbs back inside instead. Angle goes back out to the steps, but again decides it's not done, and he closes the door behind him, chaining it back up, and putting the key in his trunks before flipping Jarrett off. Angle slams Jarrett head first into the cage repeatedly.

Jarrett is split open and Angle rakes Jarrett's face against the cage wall. Jarrett bags off, and begins to climb up the cage to get away from Angle, but Angle catches him and punches him repeatedly. Angle goes to escape instead, and Jarrett goes for a top rope powerbomb that has a DISGUSTING ending, with Angle flipping completely over and coming down on top of his head. Jarrett goes up, and Angle leaps right up to his feet and up the ropes to take Jarrett down with a top rope Angle slam.

Angle goes for the door, but he locked it earlier. He goes to climb the cage instead and Immortal's Gunner comes down to ringside and he's got a steel chair to fend Angle off, preventing him from coming down. Angle goes to the corner of the cage and he stands up at the top. Angle launches himself off with a humungous moonsault that barely catches Jarrett. Scott Steiner is headed out to the ring and he chases off Gunner. Angle is somehow still not dead, and he's found the keys to the door. Angle goes over and unlocks the padlock, opening the door. Karen runs down to ringside and sprays perfume into Angle's eyes before he can exit the ring. Angle, blinded, clocks the referee. Karen tries to help Jarrett out of the ring, but Angle pulls him back into the ring with an ankle lock. Karen slides Jeff a guitar, and he uses it to blast Angle.

Jarrett takes time to gloat, but Angle will not die, and he tries to pull Jarrett back in with another ankle lock, but Karen swings the cage door closed on Angle's head, and Kurt drops Jeff, letting him fall to the arena floor.

Jeff Jarrett wins two falls to one

TNA World Heavyweight Triple Threat Title Match

(C) Sting


Mr. Anderson


Rob Van Dam

We get a video package to highlight the events leading into this match, including both of the challengers whining about how they don't get enough title opportunities.

Rob Van Dam is the first man out to the ring, and he gets a lot of love from this crowd.

Mr. Anderson is the next competitor to the ring, to a big pop, and of course he stops at the top of the ramp to call down his mic. He asks if there are any a-holes in the building, and he gets a lot of cheers in response. He asks the question again and gets an even louder response this time around. He says he's here, and then lets the crowd know he's from Green Bay, WI. Then he lets the crowd know his name (twice) before letting go of the mic and making his way to the ring.

The Champion is the last man to make his way to the ring, and he comes out with title in hand to a great response from the crowd. It'll be interesting to see who plays the heel in this match.

The bell rings and Anderson talks trash to both men, leading to both hitting him with a series of right hands. RVD slams Anderson's head into the turnbuckle, then Sting down the same. RVD catches Anderson with a kick to the face, so Sting hits a Stinger splash and goes for the Deathlock, but RVD hits a back kick to prevent the submission. RVD sends Sting across the ring and buries his shoulder in Sting's midsection before connecting with a big kick, a face buster, then a standing moonsault which is good for two. RVD goes into the ropes but Anderson pulls down the ropes and RVD goes in awkwardly. Sting is able to almost get Anderon into the deathlock again, and this time he stops RVD from interfering. Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on both RVD and Anderson at the same time, and Tenay comments how he's never seen it before (cough Natalya). Sting is forced to drop the hold.

Anderson is able to take Sting down and he tries for a pin, but he's only able to get two. He tries for his luck on RVD, but again gets two. Anderson hits clotheslines on Sting and RVD before hitting a back elbow on Sting and a neckbreaker on RVD. Anderson goes for the mic check, and he's actually able to hit it on Sting and RVD at the same time. He goes for the pin on both but he can't get a three count. He tries for another pin on both, but still can't get three. All three men are slow to get back to their feet, and when they do Anderson pounds on RVD in the corner before sending him across the ring. Van Dam comes back with a springboard single leg dropkick and a five star frog splash on Anderson. String brakes up the cover, and Anderson catches RVD with a kick to the face. Sting is able to catch RVD with a death drop, while Anderson connects with a big clothesline.

Hogan's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with a steel pipe in hand. He tries to hand it to Van Dam, and after a bit of waiting, he takes it from Hogan. Hogan urges him to use it to knock his opponents out, but RVD tosses the pipe away. Anderson picks up the pipe and whacks RVD, saying it wasn't for Hogan, it was for himself. Sting hits Anderson with the Scorpion Death Drop, and he pins him, getting the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Sting

After the match, Sting calls out Hogan, asking him to get back into the ring, but Hogan points toward his watch, saying they'll do it on his time.

TNA LockDown 2011 Main Event

Leathal LockDown

Roof Lowers After All 8 Men Are In

Team Immortal will have the 1 man advantage through the match. It will start 1 on 1 then after 5mins Immortal will send in it's 2nd man making it 2 on 1. After 2mins 4Tune will send it's 2nd man making it 2 on 2. Teams will alternate until all 8 men are in. Once all 8 men are in the roof of weapons will lower. Submission or surrender rules apply until there is a winner!!

Team Immortal

Ric Flair, Abyss, Bully Ray & Matt Hardy


Team 4Tune

Daniels, Kazarian & Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm)

Kaz looks to start things out for Fortune, and Hardy wants to go in, but Abyss is sent in by Flair instead.

Kaz is on fire to start off, taking it right to Abyss, but Abyss shrugs him off. Kaz jumps off the middle rope, and Abyss almost catches him in a chokeslam, but Kaz is able to wriggle out of it, only to end up eating a series of right hands in the corner, before Abyss chokes him with his boot. Abyss takes Kaz over to the side of the cage and rubs his face into the cage wall while Immortal taunts Kaz. Abyss points toward the cage wall before shouldering Kaz. Kaz fights out of it, and avoids a splash by Abyss before going to the top rope and leaping off with a huge hurricarana.

Kaz sandwiches Abyss in between the ropes and the cage wall with a dropkick before stomping away at him and choking him with his boot. The clock counts down, and Matt Hardy is the next man in the ring. Hardy tries for a side effect, but Kaz fights out of it and slams Hardy to the mat. Kaz hits a springboard leg drop.

Abyss and Hardy are able to come back when Abyss hits Kaz with a big right and Hardy locks in the ice pick submission. Abyss continues to stomp away at Kaz. Abyss picks up Kaz only for Hardy to tag him with a right and nail a side effect. Hardy holds Kaz up while Abyss punches him and the clock counts down, leading to Daniels entering the match. Daniels comes in with a couple of big forearms to Abyss and Hardy before nailing a big enzugiri and BME on Abyss. Daniels goes to the second rope, and brings himself down with a big stomp on Hardy's chest.

Daniels and Kaz team up on Hardy and Abyss, trying to immobilize them before the numbers game comes back into effect. The crowd chants for Flair. Daniels hits an STO on Hardy locking in a Koji clutch, and Ric Flair is in the match. Flair chops Kaz and stomps Daniels before taking him into the corner, chopping him repeatedly and hitting a dirty low blow. Flair chops away at Kaz next before sending him head first into the side of the cage.

Hardy chokes Daniels in the ropes while Flair and Abyss double team Kaz in the corner, punching and chopping away at him. Hardy chokes Daniels in the corner with his boot, and the clock counts down yet again. Lance Storm is the next man in and he comes in spitting beer into the eyes of Abyss. He ducks a clothesline from Hardy and Hardy connects with Abyss only to eat a backstabber from Storm. Storm stares down Flair, and Flair begs off, but Storm smashes his beer bottle on Flair's head, causing the blood to pour.

Storm is just taking it to Flair and Fourtune has turned things around. Storm has ripped off Flair's wife beater, and some of his pants. Storm pulls down Flair's boxers, and Bully Ray is in, taking it to all the members of Fortune, and turning the tide in favor of his team. This are basically just a brawl with the members of Immortal punching and kicking away at Fortune while Robert Roode simmers away on the outside.

Storm punches Storm's forehear and Hardy chokes Daniels in the corner. Roode enters in the cage, and the roof will be lowered soon, starting the true Lethal Lockdown match. Roode takes out Abyss and Hardy before being stopped by a series of Flair chops, but Roode turns it around and chops Flair a few times himself before connecting with a big back body drop. Beer Money connect with a double suplex and the lights hit and the cage top with weapons begins to lower into place.

Fortune are already standing on the ropes waiting for the weapons, and their hands are full as soon as the cage top is lowered. They immediately begin the beat down, and there's a terrible split screen. Abyss is knocked to the floor and through the cage door by a double team move, and Daniels follows out, smashing Abyss in the head with a trash can lid. Hardy goes to the outside and climbs to the top of the cage with Daniels in pursuit. Hardy and Daniels fight it out on top of the cage with Daniels laying Hardy out with a couple of punches. Daniels tries for the angel's wings, but Hardy fights it off, almost sending Daniels crashing off of the cage to the floor. Daniels gets back on, and walks right into a twist of hate from Hardy.

Flair is ridiculously bloody in the ring. Bully Ray hits a big modified spinebuster, but he can't get a three count. Storm hits a reverse DDT on Ray, but walks right into a couple of kendo stick shots from Flair, who then turns around into a spinebuster from Roode. Daniels is up on top of the cage, and he launches himself off on top of Abyss and Matt Hardy in a massive dive. Robert Roode locks in the figure four back in the middle of the ring, but Ray breaks it up with a trash can shot. Ray lays out Kaz and Daniels with trash can lid shots. Ray picks up a kendo stick and hits Roode, Daniels, then. Ray has another shot for everyone, then he hands Flair a kendo stick and they use them to wail away on Fortune.

Daniels is bloody now too, and Ray stands over him with an axe handle, but he's interrupted by AJ Styles' music. Styles runs down to the ring and attacks Ray, slamming him into the cage wall, and hitting the Pele kick. Styles rips off his Fortune shirt, and while Flair tries to attack, he's grabbed from behind by Flair and thrown into the cage. Roode locks in an arm bar, and Flair is forced to tap.

Winners: Fortune and Christopher Daniels

They air replays and we're done! Awesome pay-per-view from top to bottom.

What a night it was on pay per view. Thank you for joining us. This has been a special presentation of King Jay Entertainment and this is what the world is watching!!

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