Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules Full Results!!

Hello again everyone,

What a night it was on pay per view. 3 new champions crowned and so much more. Here is a special look at what happened at WWE Extreme Rules....

We open the show with a video package highlighting the theme of tonight's event, as well as some of the main feuds heading into Extreme Rules.

The pyro hits and Josh Matthews welcomes us to the PPV proper. The stage looks great with a big X made out of scaffolding behind the tron. It looks like we'll be kicking things off with the Last Man Standing match as Justin Roberts begins running down the rules before introducing Randy Orton, who comes out to a monster pop.

Last Man Standing Match

Randy Orton


CM Punk

Orton makes his way down to the ring. CM Punk is the next man out to the ring, and he makes his way out to a bit of a mixed reaction, with the New Nexus in tow. Before Punk is able to make it all the way to the ring though, the lights dim as we have an announcement from the Raw GM. Apparently, Orton and Punk must resolve their issues tonight, and all members of Nexus are banned from ringside. The members of Nexus psych Punk up before leaving the ringside area.

Punk stalls on the apron for a bit before jumping into the ring. The bell rings and we're ready to kick things off. We get a slow start as Punk tests the water with a kick. This doesn't last long though as Orton lays into Punk with a series of punches and a big clothesline before kicking Punk out of the ring. Orton follows and slams Punk into the barricade, then the ring steps. Orton slams Punk into the steps again before ripping at his face and clubbing his chest.

Orton sends Punk back into the ring and Punk begs off before catching Randy with a big kick. Punk follows up with a kick to Orton's head before he tries to slam his head into an exposed turnbuckle cover that Punk exposed before coming into the ring. Orton tries to fight it off, but Punk takes Orton down and hits a knee drop to Punk's face. Orton is able to fight back with a big snap mare and a knee drop of his own to Punk's chest.

Punk goes to the outside and under the apron and when Orton approaches, he ends up eating a couple of kendo stick shots for his troubles before being thrown back into the ring. Punk grabs another kendo stick and makes his way into the ring behind Orton before slamming down with the stick across Orton's chest. Punk poses while Orton gets a five count before standing. Orton gets to his feet and hits Punk with a massive European uppercut. Orton goes for a kendo stick, but Punk is able to catch him with a kick to prevent being hit. Punk grabs one of the Kendo stick and tattoos Orton across his back.

Punk picks Orton up for a big belly to back suplex and the ref begins the count again, keeping Orton down till 7. Punk goes for a springboard clothesline, but Orton comes up with a kendo stick and uses it to absolutely wear out Punk. Orton hits Punk with a couple of big clotheslines before hitting his across the back backbreaker. Punk rolls to the apron and Orton goes over and grabs him by the head, attempting his rope assisted DDT, but Punk fights out and slingshots Orton into the exposed turnbuckle cover. The ref begins the count for both men, but both are up by 7.

Punk wedges a chair in the corner in between the top and middle ropes before hitting the running knee in the corner. Punk tries to slam Orton into the chair but Orton fights out. Both men try for their finisher but can't connect before Orton simply kicks Punk in the gut and throws him through the chair in the corner and to the outside. The ref counts, but only gets to 7 before Punk is up. Orton is right there to slam Punk back and forth repeatedly between the ringside barricade and the ring apron before powerslamming Punk on the arena floor.

Punk makes it up by 8, and it looks like Orton is going to disassemble the announce booth. When he goes back toward Punk, he's caught with a big boot to the mouth.

Orton is up by 8, and Punk takes him over to the announce table to slam him head first into it. Orton blocks and slams Punk head first into the table before picking him up with a belly to back suplex, and dropping him down back first on the barricade. Both men are up at 6 and Orton throws Punk into the ring, where he follows and immediately psychs himself up for the RKO. Punk counters the RKO with a leg sweep, and he's able to connect with the G2S.

Orton makes it back up at 9 before falling back down and Punk is immediately on him with a couple of knees in the corner before going back to the outside and grabbing a chair. Punk slides the chair into the ring and gives Randy Orton a big Russian leg sweep directly on top of the chair.

Orton makes it up at 8 this time, so Punk sits the chair down in the middle of the ring before going to Orton and trying for another Russian leg sweep on the standing chair. Orton is able to counter, hitting the RKO and both men are on the mat. Orton makes it up at 5, and though Punk is slow he makes it up at 9 before falling to the outside. Orton is quick to follow and he clotheslines Punk over the barricade into the time keeper's area. Orton tries for his patented DDT using the barricade on the outside, but Punk fights out and slams him back first into the ring post.

Orton is up at 8, and Punk kicks him in the stomach directly before wrapping a chair around Orton's neck and sending him into the ring post yet again. The referee counts, but Orton is up at 9 yet again. Punk looks upset as he begins to unload on Orton with a series of rights before taking him over to the announcer's table and throwing Randy on top. Punk gets on the table, and tries for the G2S, but Orton is able to get out of it and connect with the RKO, but the table doesn't break.

Punk is able to make it to his feet, using the table for support, at a count of 8 before falling back down. Another count begins, and Orton lays in wait for Punk, trying for the punt. Punk is able to avoid the punt, and he gets Orton on his shoulders dropping him down face first into the ring steps.

Orton gets up at 9 again, and he's sent right into the ring by Punk, who slowly makes his way up the ring steps, kendo stick in hand. Punk begins the climb to the top turnbuckle, and he almost makes it before Orton whacks him with a kendo stick. Punk lays on the turnbuckle and Orton whips him repeatedly with the stick before picking Punk up to deliver a European uppercut that sits Punk up on the turnbuckle. Orton goes up to the second rope and he hits an RKO from the top!

The referee begins the count, and it starts off being on both men, but Orton stands up at 9, and Punk is still laid out. This one is over.

Winner by KO: Randy Orton

Orton poses for the crowd, to a big pop, while we get replays of the highlights of the match.

Jerry Lawler is shown walking to the back to prepare for his match. It's worth noting that the Cole Mine is set up, so hopefully the WWE isn't showing their hand with Cole's match. Matthews and Booker run down the results of the draft, before talking about Sheamus' attack on Kofi Kingston this past Friday on Smackdown.


Sheamus is shown backstage pacing. He tells Teddy Long he doesn't like it one bit. Long says he's giving the WWE Universe a bonus match, and tonight Sheamus will be defending his title against Kofi in a table's match. Sheamus says he's upset because he's the US Champion and he's fighting someone that wasn't born in the US. Sheamus wants to see Kofi's birth certificate. Long says not to worry about it because after tonight, he may not even be the US Champion.

Morrison is shown backstage briefly, warming up and doing some small parkour type stuff.

U.S. Championship

Tables Match

(C) Sheamus


Kofi Kingston

The bell rings, and we're ready to start. Sheamus tries to get the jump with a couple of clubbing blows, but Kofi uses his speed to catch Sheamus off guard. This goes back and forth for a bit before Kofi takes Sheamus down and mounts him with a series of punches. Kofi goes to the outside and goes under the ring for a table, but Sheamus comes right out and slams him into the ringside barricade before sliding the table back under the ring. Sheamus goes to the other side of the ring and grabs a different table, but he's cut off by Kofi who comes up with a huge kick to the side of the head. Kofi gets the table Sheamus brought out and sets it up between the ring and announce table. Kofi slams Sheamus' head into the table before laying him across. Kofi goes up to the ring apron, but Sheamus rolls off the table before Kingston leaps. Kofi follows Sheamus, but ends up being thrown into the barricade yet again.

Sheamus grabs another table, and sets this one up on the floor on the entrance ramp side. Sheamus tries for the razor's edge through the table, but Kingston fights out of it. Kingston goes into the ring, and when Sheamus tries to follow, Kofi almost sends him through the table, but Sheamus is able to catapult himself over the top rope and into Kofi to avoid going through the table. Sheamus goes out of the ring for another table, but when he tries to bring it in, Kofi stops him. Sheamus snaps Kofi's arm over the top rope before going back out, grabbing the table, and bringing it into the ring by slamming it directly into Kofi's stomach. Sheamus comes into the ring and picks up the table a couple of times before slamming it down on top of a prone Kingston.

Sheamus props the table up in the corner, slamming Kofi into the table head first. Sheamus picks Kingston up over his shoulder and he almost drives Kingston into the table, but Kofi rolls over, and rolls up Sheamus, leaping up and coming down across the Irish man with a big double stomp. Kingston sets Sheamus up on the table in the corner and comes in running but Sheamus moves. Kofi leaps up and straddles the table in the corner. Sheamuse goes for another razor's edge but Kofi gets out again. Kofi goes to the ring apron and tries to suplex Sheamus to the outside into the table, but Sheamus fights it off and comes up with the bicycle kick. Kofi avoids going through the table by leaping over it and to the arena floor.

Sheamus brings Kingston back into the ring where he immediately sets up the table. Sheamus puts Kofi on the top turnbuckle, and he tries to shoulder Kofi on the top turnbuckle, but Kofi fights out of it and knocks Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus comes right back with a big clubbing blow that knocks Kingston to the mat. Sheamus goes to the apron and tries to suplex Kofi to the outside through the table, but Kofi fights it off and comes up with the trouble in paradise, knocking Sheamus to the apron, and then the floor. Kofi goes to the top, and hits a boom drop on top of Sheamus who's lying over the table. Both men go through, and this one is over.

Winner and NEW US Champion: Kofi Kingston


Todd Grisham is shown backstage with R-Truth. Truth is pretty upset about losing his spot in the main event tonight. He says not only is he not in the main event, he's not on the whole show. Truth says no one knows what a nose knows. Truth says he smells a conspiracy. Truth says conspiracies are bad, as bad as John Morrison's breath. Truth says Miz and Cena don't want him in this match, and neither does someone else. Truth says Morrison stole Truth's opportunity to live his dream, and if there's one thing Truth can't stand, it's a thief.

Tag Match

Country Whipping Match

Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Good Ol" Jim Ross


Micheal Cole & Jack Swagger

Swagger and Michael Cole are the first two men out to the ring, and Cole has completely wrapped himself in bubble wrap. It's surprising how little the crowd is reacting for Cole, considering this match probably has the most build out of any on the entire card.

Cole has a mic in hand, and now the crowd's beginning to boo. Cole asks for the crowd's attention. He says everyone has been asking if he's scared of this match against JR and Lawler. Cole explains that he's an award winning journalist. Cole says he covered Waco, he spent nine months in Yugoslavia, covering the war. He says he's seen atrocities that would make everyone shake, so everyone is mistaken to think he's afraid. And when he and Jack Swagger beat JR and Lawler like a couple of government mules, they can stay in Florida, because like the crowd, they're old, useless, incontinent retirees. Cole and Swagger hug as JR's music hits.

JR gets a good reaction as he makes his way out, and as good as it is to see him on WWE PPV again, I wish it was in an announcing capacity so bad. Lawler is the next out to the entrance ramp, and he and JR walk down to the ring.

The bell rings, and not surprisingly Swagger and Lawler will be kicking things off. Swagger and Lawler both have their own straps, as do JR and Cole. Swagger backs into the corner, and JR whips him. Swagger turns around, and Lawler begins whipping Swagger repeatedly. Swagger tags out to Cole, who makes his way in, and is whipped by by Lawler and Ross, laughing it off the entire time. Cole gloats, saying he's smarter than Lawler, so Lawler clocks him with a big right and rips off the bubble wrap. Cole tags out to Swagger, who comes into the ring and shoulder blocks Lawler in the gut, in the corner. Swagger whips Lawler a couple of times before using his whip to secure Lawler to the middle rope. Swagger begins stomping at Lawler's ankle, before whipping at it.

Cole tags in to get in a couple of licks before taunting JR and tagging right back out. Swagger unties Lawler from the ropes so that he can send him across the ring hard. Swagger runs across the ring and goes for the Vader bomb, but King moves and Swagger hits the mat. King takes it to Swagger in the corner with a series of rights, but he's stopped when Cole whips him from behind. King turns his attention to Cole, until Swagger comes up from behind with a chop block. Swagger locks in the ankle lock, and keeps it on until JR whips him from behind. Swagger turns his attention to JR, and this allows Lawler to come up with a big right to take Swagger down.

JR whips Swagger a couple of times before locking in the ankle lock on Swagger! Swagger is able to tag out to Cole in a desperation move, and Cole doesn't want to come in. JR brings Cole into the ring the hard way, dragging him through the ropes before slamming him head first into the turnbuckle repeatedly. JR is strutting around the ring and the crowd is loving it. JR knocks Cole down with a big shoulder block before JR commences with the whipping. JR locks in the ankle lock, but Swagger breaks it up, so JR retaliates with a low blow to Swagger. JR begins to whip Swagger, but he's rolled up by Cole who steals a three count.

Winners: Michael Cole and Jack Swagger


Todd Grisham is backstage with John Cena. Cena says it's been since June 20th 2010 since he was the WWE Champion, and in that time he's been through a lot which includes just about everything but becoming the Champion. He says tonight they'll be no interference, short cuts, or excuses, and after ten long months, the Champ is here.

Falls Count Anywhere

Rey Mysterio


Cody Rhodes

We get a video package that highlights the events between these two men that have led to this match.

Rhodes is the first man out. He has a mic and he says in fitting with the name of this PPV, he's going to ask the crowd to take the paper bags that his assistant is handing out, and place them over their head's because they are extremely ugly. Mysterio is next.

The bell rings, and Rhodes strikes quickly, beating on Rey in the corner. When he charges Mysterio however, he's caught with a boot. Rhodes tries to come right back, but he eats a hurricarana to the outside. Mysterio follows with a baseball slide into a hurricarana. Mysterio follows Rhodes, but he's met with a big dropkick. Rhodes takes it to Mysterio with a couple of big right hands before he takes Mysterio up the ramp. Rhodes tries to slam Mysterio head first into the stage screens, but Mysterio reverses and sends Cody in head first. Cody falls to the floor, and Mysterio leaps off the stage with a big seated senton, connecting on Rhodes which is good for a two count. Mysterio and Rhodes fight to the outside where Rhodes crotches Mysterio on a barricade before clotheslining him off, which is good for a two count.

Mysterio is able to come back with a big kick to Rhodes head, and they begin to fight up the stairs in the middle of a sea of fans. Rhodes sends Mysterio through one of the hand rails, locking in a Boston crab while Mysterio is locked in the rail. Rhodes uses his mask to head butt Mysterio and the two continues to fight up the stairs, making their way to the top. Rhodes slams Mysterio's hand down on the rail, and the two trade blows. Rhodes and Mysterio fight out into a hallway and out twoard the concourse. Mysterio blocks a punch and rams Cody right into a couple of trash cans. Mysterio picks up a trash can lid (plastic) and smashes it across Rhodes' back, going for a pin a getting a two count.

Rhodes uses one of the concession stands to leap off of and connect with a kick to Mysterio's head. Rhodes launches Mysterio up and Mysterio lands on the concession counter before leaping back off onto Rhoes with a cross body that's good for another near fall. Rhodes and Mysterio fight back out to the stair case, and Rhodes seems to be doing everything he can to get away from Mysterio. Mysterio climbs up on one of the barricades, but Rhodes walks away and Mysterio abandons his plans. Mysterio charges Rhodes, but Rhodes ends up hip tossing him over the barricade and back to the ringside area. Cody catches a charging Rey, and slams him head first into the steel ring steps, but it's still only enough for two.

Cody tosses Rey into the ring, but when he follows, Rey comes back with a springboard cross body. Rhodes backbody drops Mysterio to the apron where he lands on his feet, and Mysterio comes off the top rope, taking Rhodes down for another two count. Mysterio gets Rhodes into the corner, exposes his knee brace and tries for the 619, but Rhodes avoids it, as well as avoiding a springboard leg drop. Rhodes gets Mysterio hung up on the top rope, kicking him square in the chest before slamming him down with an Alabama slammer which is good for another two count. Rhodes stomps on Mysterio repeatedly in the corner.

Rhodes places Mysterio on the top turnbuckle, following him up and catching him with a couple of rights to the face. Mysterio is able to fight Rhodes off, and when Rhodes comes back in to attack, Mysterio sprays mist into Rhodes' face. Mysterio hits the 619 on a standing Rhodes, and follows up with a springboard cross body, pinning Rhodes in the middle of the ring, and getting the three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio


A big group of Diva's are shown talking to each other in the back, falling silent when Layla walks in. Layla says she knows they don't like her, but this might be her last night. She wants to apologize to everyone if she's ever done anything. Beth Phoenix says she's right about them not liking her, but Kelly Kelly says they like McCool a whole lot less. Layla walks away and the Diva's go right back to their conversations. Cole is shown setting up in his Cole Mine, and WWE did indeed show their hand on that one.

No DQ Divas Match Loser Leaves The WWE

Team LayCool Explodes

No Disqualification & No Countout

Michelle McCool



McCool is the first woman out to the ring, and she makes her way out fairly quickly to very little reaction. The music continues to play, and Layla makes her way out next, taking off her gear on the way to the ring.

McCool attacks Layla before the bell with a big kick that sends her to the outside. McCool sends her back into the ring and hits Layla with a big kick to the face, but a pin attempt only results in a two count. McCool picks Layla up, but Layla takes her right back down and mounts her with a series of punches. Layla goes to the outside, and pulls McCool out, slamming her head first into the announcer's table. Layla charges McCool, but McCool moves and Layla flies into the announcer's table. McCool lays into Layla with a big kick before sending her back into the ring. McCool connects with a big European uppercut, but misses a clothesline and Layla connects with a big kick that's good for a near fall.

McCool begs off but Layla won't have any of it. McCool suplexes Layla, but Layla goes to the outside. McCool tries for a big boot, but ends up hung up on the barricade. Layla stands on the barricade and brings McCool to her feet, but McCool tosses her off the barricade and rolls Layla into the ring. McCool taunts Layla, but Layla slaps her before hitting an interesting floatover stunner from the top turnbuckle, but she still can't keep McCool down. Layla is screaming and looks close to tears. Layls walks right into a big boot from McCool, but she still kicks out at two. McCool goes for the faith breaker, but Layla fights it off and hits a beautiful neckbreaker, but McCool gets her foot on the ropes to avoid a pin.

McCool picks Layla up by her hair, but Layla turns it into a roll up. McCool counters that into an (almost) faith breaker, but when she goes for the cover, Layla counters into a crucifix pin, and she's able to score the three count.

Winner: Layla - Michelle McCool is forced to leave the WWE

Both McCool and Layla are crying as Layla slides out of the ring and makes her way to the back.

McCool is bawling in the ring as the crowd sings the Goodbye song. Strange music hits, and Kharma makes her WWE debut!

Kharma makes her way out to the ring, and she's got some new ring gear for her big debut. She's got a steely look on her face as she slowly makes her way to the ring. Kharma makes her way up to the ring apron and McCool begins to beg. Kharma finally makes her way into a WWE ring for the first time. McCool tries to escape, but Kharma grabs her, and plants her with whatever the WWE is going to call the implant buster. Kharma laughs maniacally before stopping abruptly. The Diva's locker room is shown looking on in stunned silence.

Ricardo Rodriguez is shown backstage, practicing announcing Del Rio as the new World Heavyweight Champion, but Del Rio makes him say it again as he's not quite satisfied.

WWE Extreme Rules Co-Main Event

Vacant World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match



Alberto Del Rio

We get a video package detailing Edge's retirement with the World Heavyweight Championship, and the race to find a new Champion for Smackdown.

The title is shown handing above the ring, and ladders are set up around the ring, and all over the entrance ramp. Tony Chimel announces Del Rio's personal ring announcer, who then in turn announces Del Rio, who makes his way out in a beautiful Maserati.

Christian is the next man out to the ring, and he gets on of the strongest reactions I've heard throughout the night.

The bell rings, and we're ready to kick off my most anticipated match of the night!

Christian comes out first with a couple of blows to Del Rio's head, and Del Rio responds with a big kick. Christian puts Del Rio down with a big shoulderblock, but Del Rio is quick to come right back and he slams Christian down to the mat. When Del Rio attempts to go to the outside Christian stops him, and chokes him on the top ring rope before sending him across the ring and back body dropping him. Christian goes to the middle rope and launches himself off directly into Del Rio. Christian goes to the outside and grabs a ladder, but Del Rio stops him, slamming him into the ring post and kicking at his head instead. Del Rio rolls Christian under the ring apron.

Del Rio grabs a ladder, but Christian comes out of the other side of the ring, and through the ring, hitting Del Rio (and the ladder) with a big baseball slide. Christian brings the ladder back into the ring and sets it up right under the belt. Christian begins climbing the ladder but Del Rio pulls Christian's foot off of the rungs and Christian crashes down into the mat. Del Rio begins the climb himself, but Christian tips the ladder over. Del Rio sees it comes, lands on his feet and comes up with a big kick to Christian's head. Del Rio stomps and chokes Christian with his boot.

Christian is able to come back with a low kick before back body dropping Del Rio to the outside. Christian grabs the ladder, but Del Rio grabs his feet from the outside of the ring and causes Christian to crash face first into the ladder. Del Rio pull Christian to the outside, slamming him head first into the ring steps before propping a ladder up between the announcer's table and the ring apron. Del Rio tries to suplex Christian into the ladder but Christian fights it off. Christian tries to slingshot Del Rio into the ladder but Del Rio avoids it. Del Rio sends Christian speeding toward the ladder, but Christian ducks. Christian hangs Del Rio up on the ladder and goes to the top rope, but Del Rio knocks him off. Christian is able to land on a ladder on the outside and jumps off with a cross body, taking Del Rio out.

Christian make his way back into the ring and sets up another ladder, but Del Rio is able to stop him as he makes his climb. Del Rio slams Christian head first into the ladder before propping it up in the corner and kicking away at Christian's head. Del Rio brings Christian to his feet and Christian begins fighting back. Christian tries to slam Del Rio into the ladder, but Del Rio counters. Del Rio almost locks in the arm bar, but Christian counters into the killswitch. Del Rio avoids it, but when he charges Christian he ends up being hot shotted directly into the ladder. Del Rio rolls to the apron, and when he stands Christian is there to greet him with a ladder to the face.

Christian sets the ladder up and begins the climb again, but Del Rio comes in the ring with another ladder and throws it up against Christian's back. Del Rio brings a step ladder into the ring, and uses it to give Christian a lung blower off the ladder. Del Rio takes it to Christian with a series of punches before Del Rio turns his attention to Christian's arm. Christian tries to fight back, but Del Rio slams Christian's arm into the ladder. Del Rio sets up another ladder in the corner, and slams Christian into it hard, but when he charges with the step ladder, Christian ducks and Del Rio runs face first into the ladder. Christian sets up said ladder in the ring, but he's not quite under the title.

Christian makes his way up the ladder, but Del Rio is there to follow. Del Rio gets Christian in powerbomb position, but Christian counters into a hurricarana that sends Del Rio to the apron. Del Rio tries to suplex Christian to the outside through the ladder set up between the ring and the announcer's table, but Christian counters, instead hitting a backdrop that sends Del Rio into yet another ladder. Christian goes up to the top turnbuckle with a ladder in his hands, but Del Rio comes up with a big kick and Christian falls from the turnbuckle down on top of the ladder. Del Rio grabs the ladder and begins the climb up toward the title.

Christian is able to tipthe ladder over, but Del Rio comes right back with a huge kick and he pounds on Christian until Christian rolls to the outside. Ricardo attempts to help by handing Del Rio a chair, but when he tries to use it on Christian, Christian reverses and sends Del Rio face first into the ring post. Christian goes back into the ring, and Del Rio does as well, but Christian stalks Del Rio, delivering a spear (to a huge pop from the crowd), before turning right back to the ladder.

Christian sets up the ladder and begins the climb, but Del Rio goes through the middle of the ladder and pulls Christian through the rungs, trapping him. Christian is able to fall through into the middle of the ladder and tip it over, sending Del Rio into the corner, before Del Rio can reach the title. Christian picks up the step ladder, but Del Rio dropkicks it into his face. Del Rio sends Christian to the outside on top of the set up ladder, and he climbs to the top turnbuckle. Del Rio comes off with what looks like a senton, with a nasty spill when Christian moves, and the ladder fails to break, instead sliding out of position and to the floor, almost on top of himself. Christian sets up the ladder, and climbs to the title, grabbing it, but Brodus Clay comes in out of nowhere, takes the ladder out from under Christian and pulls Christian down off of the title. Christian fights Clay off by slamming him into the ladder and hitting him with the step ladder, but it allows Del Rio to recover and hit Christian with a big kick before locking in the arm bar through the rungs of the step ladder.

Del Rio looks up to the title and he smiles before setting up the ladder underneath the belt. The crowd is chanting for Edge. Del Rio is close to the title, reaching for it. Edge pulls into the arena on a jeep and uses it to distract Del Rio, allowing Christian to knock Del Rio off of the ladder and into Ricardo and Brodus Clay in yet another really nasty spill. Christian sets up the ladder and begins climbing with Edge cheering him on the whole time. Christian reaches up and grabs the title, bringing it down and ending the match.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Christian

Christian sits on top of the ladder with the title, celebrating while the crowd is going nuts. Christian is bleeding from the forehead, and Edge is looking on happily. Christian makes his way down the ladder and begins celebrating with his good friend Edge. Christian is visibly emotional, but in a good way.

Christian has welts all over his body, but he couldn't look happier as the crowd cheers the new World Champion on.


Miz is shown backstage with Alex Riley standing alongside him. Riley is complaining about Miz's lot in the match, saying that he only has a 33% chance of winning. Riley says if Miz loses he's guaranteed a rematch, but then Riley stops himself, saying Miz will win because he's the Miz, and he's... but he's cut off by the Miz who tells him never to do that again.

Tag Team Championship

Lumberjack Match

Ezekiel Jackson & Wade Barrett


(C) Big Show and Kane

The Lumberjacks are already standing ringside as the Corre make their way to the ring to very little reaction. Big Show and Kane are out next, and this little unscheduled buffer match is ready to begin.

Barrett and Show look to start things off for their respective teams. The bell rings and Show takes Barrett into the corner where he immediately lays in with a huge chop, then another. Show tags ou to Kane, who comes in and hits a low single leg dropkick to Barrett's face that's good for a two count. Barrett rolls to the outside and he's quickly rolled right back into the ring. Kane takes Barrett into the corner with a big clothesline before hitting a side slam. Kane calls for the chokeslam, but Barrett is able to surprise Kane with a kick before sending him to the outside where he's swarmed by the heels. Kane makes it back into the ring, and Show goes to the outside, breaking things up and rolling a couple of heels into the ring for Kane to take care of. This allows Jackson to tag in and get the upper hand on Kane though with a series of explosive offense.

Barrett tags in, only to quickly tag right back out to Jackson, who tries to hit a big clothesline, but misses. Another attempt, and this time both Jackson and Kane score with clotheslines and both are down. Both men make the tag and Show and Barrett come in. Show splashes Barrett in the corner, but when he runs the ropes, Jackson low bridges him and he falls to the outside where he's swarmed again. Show is thrown into the ring, and Jackson picks him up with a very impressive slam, but Barrett tags himself in. Barrett doesn't last long, as he's quickly put down with a big chokeslam from Show which is good for a three count.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Kane and Big Show

Following the match, Jackson looks unhappy with Barrett, and a brawl breaks out in the ringside area between all the lumberjacks. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel try to sneak attack Show and Kane, but they're met with dual chokeslams for their trouble.

WWE Extreme Rules Main Event

WWE Title Triple Threat Cage Match

(C) The Miz


John Cena


John Morrison

The steel cage is shown lowering to the ring, along with ominous music and lights. Justin Roberts gives us a quick run down of the rules before John Morrison's music hits, and he makes his way out to the ring to a pretty ok reaction.

Morrison checks out the cage, climbing to the top and straddling it to test it's stability before posing, and climbing back down.

Cena is the next man out to the ring, and predictably, he comes out to one of the biggest pops of the night, next to Christian winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Champion himself, The Miz, is the last man to make his way out to the ring and we are ready to go!

The cage door is closed, the bell rings, and this one begins. The Miz quickly looks to escape, but he's pulled down by Cena and Morrison, who take turns beating on the Champion before double teaming him with a hot shot. Morrison turns to Cena and tries to take him out with a quick flurry of offense, but he turns right around into a big clothesline from Miz. Miz slams Cena head first into the cage wall before doing the same to Morrison.

Miz sends Cena, then Morrison into the cage walls once more. Miz goes to the well once too often, as when he tries to send Cena in again, Cena counters, hitting him with a quick series of blows before hitting a fisherman's suplex. Morrison is up to take it to Cena, but he notices Miz trying to climb out, and he leaps to the top rope to fight with him. Miz is able to land on his feet on the mat, and yank Morrison off, but he quickly ends up in AA position. Miz grabs the cage wall and climbs up to the top rope, but Cena is quick to follow, and he and Miz fight it out for a bit, before Cena bull dogs Miz from the top turnbuckle to the mat.

Cena connects with a couple of shoulderblocks to Morrison, and a big belly to back suplex before Cena connects with the five knuckle shuffle. Miz is able to hit Cena with the SCF, but when he turns around Morrison is almost halfway out of the cage. Miz is able to pull Morrison back into the ring, and he tries to go out himself. Miz and Morrison end up straddling the cage, trading right hands, and Miz tries to make a break for it. Morrison grabs Miz around the head, and Cena comes up after him. Morrison and Cena suplex Miz from the top rope to the middle of the ring and Miz lands in a very scary position, completely folding in half. Morrison begins trying to escape the cage, but Cena is up and able to stop him.

Miz pulls him down in powerbomb position, powerbombing him into the cage wall (thank God he's walking after that scary bump). Miz kicks Morrison's face while he's up against the cage wall. Cena is able to lock in the STF, but Miz begins crawling toward the outside. Miz is almost able to hit the floor, but Cena pulls him back in. Cena tries, but Miz pulls him back in. Back in the ring, Cena hits a quick gutwrench powerbomb on Miz. Morrison tries to leap to the top and get out of the cage, but he and Cena end up fighting straddling the cage. Miz tries to sneak out of the door, but Morrison uses hit legs to slam the door into Miz's face. Cena beats on Morrison and Morrison ends up crotches on the cae door. Miz pulls Morrison back into the ring and Cena hits a giant monkey flip that's good for two.

Miz catches Cena from behind, but he's still not able to keep him down for three. Miz hits Cena with a big kick to the face, then another. Miz grates Cena's face against the cage, and Morrison begins to try and escape from the other side. Miz grabs on to the back of Morrison's trunks, and he will not let him go to the outside. Miz and Morrison end up straddling the cage again, trading punches, and Miz tries to climbs out. Morrison grabs Miz in a headlock, forcing him back into the ring, and when he comes in, Morrison slams Miz face first into the cage, causing him to fall to the mat. Cena pops up to prevent Morrison from escaping, but Morrison knocks him away before hitting a modified starship pain from the top of the cage to both Cena and Miz.

Morrison crawls toward the cage door, but when he almost makes his way out, R-Truth comes down to the ring and knees Morrison's head, slamming it against the ring steps. Truth forces Morrison back into the ring, and he follows, beating Morrison down with punches and kicks before mounting him in the corner and wailing away on Morrison. Truth then turns to Cena, connecting with a big axe kick. Truth has a crazed look on his face.

Truth picks Morrison up, and delivers what looks to be a modified pay dirt. Truth climbs up to the top rope, and to the outside over the top of the cage. Truth's feet hit the floor, and he makes his way to the back, seething the whole time.

All three men are down, but Miz is the first to begin stirring. Miz begins climbing in the corner, making his way up over the top of the cage, but Cena grabs Miz's arms, refusing to let him fall to the floor. Cena grabs Miz in a headlock, and he and Miz end up straddling the cage trading punches. The crowd actually seems more behind Miz than Cena. Cena knocks Miz into the ring, still standing on the ropes, and when Cena tries to go to the outside, Miz grags him back in by his leg. Miz tries for the SCF from the top rope, but Cena fights it off. Cena shoulders Miz, and connects with the AA from the top rope, taking Miz down for the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

R-Truth is pissed off. Cena poses at the top of the cage with the title.

Cena for the 10th time is a WWE champ, Christian is the World Heavyweight champion for the 1st time in his career and Kofi Kingston becomes a 2 time U.S. champion!! All in all what a crazy night of action!!

Thanks so much for joining us. This has been a special presentation of King Jay Entertainment and this is what the world is watching!!

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