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UFC 135 Jones vs. Rampage Prelim Results

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What a night it was at UFC 135 in Denver. Here is a special look at what happened during the prelims....

UFC 135 Jones vs. Rampage

Knockout Of The Night ($75,000)

Josh Koscheck

Submission Of The Night ($75,000)

Nate Diaz

Fight Of The Night

Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson

Quick Results

James Te Huna def. Ricardo Romero via KO

Takeya Mizugaki def. Cole Escovedo via TKO

Junior Assuncao def. Eddie Yagin via unanimous decision

Tim Boetsch def. Nick Ring via unanimous decision

Tony Ferguson def. Aaron Riley via TKO

Nate Diaz def. Takanori Gomi via submission

Travis Browne def. Rob Broughton via unanimous decision

Mark Hunt def. Ben Rothwell via unanimous decision

Josh Koscheck def. Matt Hughes via KO

Jon Jones def. Quinton Jackson via submission

James Te Huna vs. Ricardo Romero

Round 1

Romero shoots for a long single-leg and gets shucked easily. Te Huna zaps the New Jerseyite with a hard right hand and Romero goes to a knee. Romero survives, stands back up and goes back to shooting from way out. As Romero grabs at Te Huna’s ankles, the New Zealander slugs him with a right uppercut, then another. Romero is out cold on his face and referee Tim Mills jumps in for the save after just 47 seconds.

Official Result: James Te Huna wins via knockout

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Cole Escovedo

Round 1

Mizugaki pushes forward early, slugging at his man with hooking combos. Escovedo returns fire with a high kick and lands a few knees as the bantamweights briefly tie up. Mizugaki socks the “Apache Kid” with a solid left hand and tries to trip him down with a waistlock, but they wind up vying for position on the fence. Underhooks for Mizugaki while Escovedo grabs at the Thai plum. Finally, it’s Mizugaki who gets his way and trips Escovedo down, but the Californian is right back up. With his back to the fence, Escovedo jumps guard and tries to slap a triangle on the standing Mizugaki. He can’t get there, however, before Mizugaki shakes him loose and drives him into the canvas. They’re quickly back on the feet, where Mizugaki connects with a hard left and Escovedo answers with a pair of sharp knees. They trade uppercuts, dirty boxing, until a series of level elbows stagger Mizugaki and they split. Mizugaki comes on strong in the final 20 seconds, blasting away with combinations to the head and body.

Round 2

Mizugaki catches a kick and trips Escovedo down, but allows him right back up. A particularly high inside thigh kick from Mizugaki prompts referee Adam Martinez to caution him. Left hook-right hook combination from Mizugaki backs up Escovedo, who responds with a high kick that catches Mizugaki on the head, but mostly with the foot. Mizugaki continues throwing his two-piece combos and a right uppercut-left hook has Escovedo staggering slightly. Another well-timed countershot sends Escovedo stumbling halfway across the cage and onto his rear, but again Mizugaki lets him up. Mizugaki lands a pair of punches, causing Escovedo to clinch, but the American can’t mount any offense as Mizugaki is busy slugging him with another six or eight crisp punches. Mizugaki is just ripping Escovedo apart with punches now, mixing in a few knees to the body for good measure. A left hook finally sends Escovedo crashing to the ground. Mizugaki dives in to seal the deal with one more punch, but referee Martinez is already moving into action, the stop coming officially at 4:30 of round two.

Official Result: Takeya Mizugaki wins via TKO

Junior Assuncao vs. Eddie Yagin

Round 1

Both men look very tentative off the bat, the much larger Assuncao taking the center of the cage while Yagin moves cautiously outside. The crowd begins booing after only 40 seconds of inactivity. Assuncao tries a few front kicks then lunges forward with a punch, but gets hit on a counter by Yagin. The Brazilian stays cautious until he eats a punch from Yagin, misses a kick and shoots. Easy takedown for Assuncao finds him stacking Yagin up against the cage. Yagin throws up a triangle, but Assuncao slips it and tries to move to side control. Yagin does well to keep his position; Assuncao lands a few solid punches from guard before Yagin shoves him off and stands. Yagin pushes forward, looking for a big right hand. The pace on the feet remains tepid. Assuncao ducks a punch and lands another double-leg with 30 seconds left, though it’s Yagin who immediately begins throwing elbows from the bottom. Yagin throws a few more before the horn and the Denver audience jeers again.

Round 2

Assuncao starts leg- and front-kicking to begin the second, and nearly runs into a knee. Yagin keeps lunging forward with right hands, but Assuncao sidesteps them and shoots in after about 80 seconds. Assuncao can’t get Yagin down and instead tries to jump on his back. Yagin won’t have it and turns around, his back to the cage, before shoving Assuncao away. The featherweights go back to feinting and slapping with leg kicks and the crowd voices its displeasure. Assuncao is throwing long, single left hands to keep the shorter Yagin at bay. He shoots a single-leg and Yagin grabs a guillotine as he’s falling to his back. The choke looks deep, but Assuncao wags his finger theatrically to indicate his lack of concern. Assuncao peels the hands of Yagin away and they go back to the feet, where the round ends without much more action.

Round 3

Assuncao slaps with a few low kicks and shoots in. He’s stuffed by Yagin, who takes top position briefly before being shoved off. Yagin tries for another guillotine when Assuncao shoots a high double. Yagin jumps guard and wrenches the choke, but Assuncao waits it out, leaning forward and popping his head loose. Assuncao sits in Yagin’s guard at the base of the fence with three minutes left in the bout. Yagin’s right arm is pinned by Assuncao’s leg and Assuncao socks away with left hands to Yagin’s unprotected face. Yagin gets his arm loose but still can’t protect against the punches and elbows of Assuncao. The shots aren’t particularly hard, but they’re accumulating and Yagin is offering nothing in return. Referee Josh Rosenthal implores Yagin to fight as he eats more left hands to the head, elbows to the body. Assuncao lets loose with 20 seconds remaining and Yagin can’t escape before the final horn.

Official result: One scorecard reads 30-27 and the remaining pair say 30-26, all three in favor of the winner by unanimous decision, Junior Assuncao. Judges’ names are not announced.

Spike TV Fight Card

Nick Ring vs. Tim Boetsch

Round 1

The righty Boetsch throws a few front kicks to keep circling southpaw Ring at a distance. Ring is sidestepping Boetsch’s punches, trying to counter and step off. He catches a kick from Boetsch and Boetsch drives forward, looking for a takedown. Ring sprawls on it and ties up the head and shoulders, then drives a few well-placed knees into Boetsch’s shoulder. Ring stands and lets Boetsch loose before resuming his circling. The Canadian slips a big right hand from Boetsch and tries to catch another front kick, but this time Boetsch lands a solid left. Boetsch is chasing Ring all around the Octagon, unable to find his range with punches, so he goes low for a takedown. It doesn’t come and Ring sticks Boetsch with a few stiff jabs, firing off a blocked head kick just as the round ends.

Round 2

Boetsch continues pressing forward, headhunting. A solid right hand gets through, but Ring answers with a series of stiff jabs. Boetsch grazes with an overhand right, lands more solidly with a right uppercut and ties up. They split and another right from Boetsch drops Ring to a knee. Ring pops back up and clinches Boetsch into the cage, delivering a knee to the body before he’s tripped to the mat. Ring is able to stand back up easily and immediately finds himself in a headlock. Boetsch jumps guard and threatens with the guillotine, but Ring has a good angle on top and waits it out. Boetsch tries to scramble to his feet and winds up in north-south position, where Ring goes for a guillotine of his own. There’s nothing on this one and Boetsch stands, then mugs Ring with a flurry of punches in close quarters. Boetsch closes out the round in full mount, hunting for a kimura, after bringing Ring down with an inside trip.

Round 3

Boetsch is landing the more effective strikes in the opening minute of the final round, zapping Ring with a couple of hard left hooks. The “Barbarian” bullies Ring into the cage and the middleweights jockey for position momentarily until referee Mario Yamasaki splits them up. Boetsch pushes forward on Ring, who lands a jab and a knee to the body before being tripped down. Boetsch sits in Ring’s closed guard, smothering and throwing a few tired punches. Referee Yamasaki wants them back up with 90 seconds remaining. Both men look exhausted now and Boetsch sends a knee to Ring’s body before sending him hurtling to the ground with an uchi mata. Boetsch has the crucifix momentarily, Ring escapes to north-south, but Boetsch winds up back on top. Boetsch has side-control, then opts to stand up and finish the fight punching downward at Ring.

Official result: It’s a unanimous decision with all three scorecards -- 30-27 and 29-28, twice -- in favor of Tim Boetsch.

Tony Ferguson vs. Aaron Riley

Round 1

Ferguson misses with rangy punches and catches a left high kick from the smaller man. Right uppercuts from Ferguson begin to find their marks as Riley kicks high again, but this time his leg is caught and Ferguson sends him cartwheeling. A left uppercut-right hook combo stuns Riley, then another hard uppercut. Riley regains his wits and keeps on his feet, but Ferguson is walking him down now. Ferguson takes a kick to the groin and socks Riley with an uppercut, a straight. Ferguson grabs the collar with his left hand and uses his right to thud Riley up against the fence. Riley’s bleeding from the nose, breathing with his mouth open as the first round enters its last minute. Ferguson lands a hard kick to the midsection, misses with a swiping follow-up right and takes a punch from Riley.

When the round ends, Riley immediately informs his corner that his jaw is broken and the fight is waved off. Tony Ferguson is the winner by TKO after five minutes.

Official Result: Tony Ferguson wins via TKO

That's it for the prelims. Make sure you check out the full fight results from the pay per view by clicking the link below.

Thank you very much for joining us. This has been a special presentation of King Jay Entertainment and this is what the world is watching!!

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