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UFC 136 Edgar vs. Maynard III Pay Per View Results!! Results!!

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Welcome to the UFC 136 Edgar vs. Maynard III prelims results. What a night it was on pay per view here is a look at what happened.....

UFC 136 drew 16,164 fans which brought the LIVE gate total to $2.23 Million making the avg. per person ticket $135.96

Quick Results

Mike Massenzio def. Steve Cantwell by unanimous decision

Aaron Simpson def. Eric Schafer by unanimous decision

Darren Elkins def. Tiequan Zhang by unanimous decision

Stipe Miocic def. Joey Beltran by unanimous decision

Anthony Pettis def. Jeremy Stephens by split decision

Demian Maia def. Jorge Santiago by unanimous decision

Nam Phan def. Leonard Garcia by unanimous decision

Joe Lauzon def. Melvin Guillard by submission

Chael Sonnen def. Brian Stann by submission

Jose Aldo def. Kenny Florian by unanimous decision

Frankie Edgar def. Gray Maynard by TKO

KNOCKOUT OF THE NIGHT (Receives $75,000)

Frankie Edgar

SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT (Receives $75,000)

Joe Lauzon

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT (Each Receive $75,000)

Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia

UFC 136 "Maynard vs. Edgar III"

Melvin Guillard vs. Joe Lauzon

Round 1

Lauzon lands a left hook and Guillard responds with punches of his own, a few nasty knees to the body. Another left hand from Lauzon wobbles Guillard, sends him stumbling backward and slipping forward. Lauzon gives chase, leaping onto Guillard’s back and hunting for the rear-naked choke. Guillard resists momentarily, but Lauzon is persistent and gets his arm under the chin. Guillard is forced to tap out just 47 seconds into the first round.

Official result: Joe Lauzon wins via submission

Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia

Round 1

Garcia is using his range to stuff Phan with jabs early, mixing in a few kicks to the body. Phan backs Garcia into the fence and throws a flurry of punches to the gut, then knocks Garcia to his back with a right hand and chases him to the floor. Garcia closes up his guard and the action slows until referee Jacob Montalvo resets them with three minutes to go. Garcia gets zapped again with a left hook from Phan, but stays vertical this time. Phan blocks a head kick and walks Garcia down with punches, then backs out of the way of a spinning kick. Garcia tries a takedown and Phan stuffs it, stands and rips another cluster of punches to Garcia’s body. Garcia times a right hand and kicks Phan’s body. Garcia is blowing out his nose, getting backed into the fence by Phan and trying to get space with punches. Phan swarms with a combination and catches Garcia with a right hand. Garcia tells referee Montalvo that he was poked in the eye, but only takes 10 seconds to resume. Garcia tries to rush in for a takedown, gets socked and falls to his back. Phan tries to follow up but can’t land anything before the round ends.

Round 2

Phan is walking the larger man down, picking his punches on the free-swinging Garcia. A great three-piece combo connects from Phan, whose crisp boxing is winning after 60 seconds of round two. Phan rips a left hook to the ribs of Garcia, who misses with a pair of wild, windmilling punches. Phan is going after the body with vicious intent now, sapping the energy of Garcia, who’s looking winded and wobbly midway through the fight. Phan fires off a tight three-punch combo that grazes, but Garcia shakes his head. Garcia is doubling over, trying to protect his body when Phan feints shots there. Phan backs Garcia into the fence and lands a clean pair of right hands as he’s doubled over. Garcia is bleeding on his right cheek and pawing at the cut, trying to back Phan off with kicks and long punches. It’s not working, and Phan lands another pair of punches before the horn.

Round 3

Garcia is going for broke and landing a few punches, leg kicks early in the third. A wide left hook drops Phan to his posterior, but Garcia doesn’t pounce. Phan gets back up, his back to the fence, and Garcia is throwing it all out there, desperately trying to finish. Phan covers up under the assault and survives as the spent Garcia shoves him into the cage. They split and go back to trading. Phan drills Garcia with a left hand. Garcia answers with a chopping leg kick and Phan gives him two hard punches back. Takedown for Phan with two minutes to go and Garcia closes up his guard. The crowd boos as Phan controls from on top and Garcia shrugs. They’re stood up with 90 seconds left and the crowd roars. Garcia misses with a wild spinning backfist; Phan chases him down with one punch to the body, two to the head. Garcia surges forward in a takedown attempt and Phan pops right back up. It’s a firefight in the final seconds, Garcia swinging for the fences and Phan plunking him with a couple punches in return. The crowd explodes at the finish.

Official result: All three scorecards read 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Nam Phan.

Chael Sonnen vs. Brian Stann

Round 1

The middleweights are clinching early, Sonnen grinding Stann into the fence and foot-stomping. Sonnen gets the takedown and lands in side control on Stann’s left, where he begins mashing with elbows and knees to the body. Sonnen tries to mount and gets stuffed back to full guard. He takes Stann’s back and sinks in both hooks as Stann puts his back to the fence. Sonnen keeps the hands tied up and rolls Stann over, taking full mount. Stann gives up his back and Sonnen takes it as “The All-American” stands back up. Trying to shake Sonnen loose, Stann dives to the ground, winding up underneath the Team Quest fighter. Stann has full-guard now, looking to throw up his legs for a submission attempt as Sonnen punches away from the top.

Round 2

It’s less than 10 seconds into the round when Sonnen scores an easy takedown and begins working from Stann’s half-guard. Sonnen shoves his man into the cage and moves to side control on Stann’s left. Now it’s full mount for Sonnen, flattening Stann out and landing shot shots. Stann forces Sonnen back to full-guard and referee Kerry Hatley issues a questionable stand-up command. Back on the feet, Stann connects with a right hand -- his best offense of the fight so far -- only to be taken back down seconds later. From side control on Stann’s left, Sonnen locks up a tight arm-triangle choke and hops over to the right side. Stann defends for a few seconds but is soon forced to tap out, the end coming officially at 3:51 of round two. The crowd chants “Silva! Silva!” and Sonnen, naturally, calls out the UFC middleweight champion in his postfight interview.

Official Result: Chael Sonnen wins via submission

UFC 136 "Edgar vs. Maynard III"

Co-Main Event Of The Evening

UFC Featherweight Title Match (5, 5min Rounds)

(C) Jose Aldo


Kenny Florian

Round 1

Referee Dan Miragliotta is the third man in the cage for tonight’s first title fight. The featherweights touch gloves and Florian flicks out a quick low kick, tries to go high and is blocked. More inside thigh kicks from Florian as the champion waits on the outside. Aldo explodes with a combination and Florian moves out of the way. Right hand sneaks through for Aldo and he misses with a follow-up one-two. Aldo stuffs a shot from the challenger and get stunned by a punch, staggering into the fence. Florian motions that he was poked in the eye and Miragliotta warns Aldo to keep his hands closed. Another takedown try for Florian; this time, they wind up clinched on the fence, Florian digging for a single-leg. Aldo keeps his balance for a while but Florian trips him down once, then twice. Both times, Aldo stands back up. Florian has a waistlock, can’t slam Aldo down and instead takes his back standing. They split and Florian tries to duck under for another takedown, but Aldo slips this one. Florian clinches the champ into the fence again and knees his thighs. Florian lands a level elbow in the clinch to close the round.

Round 2

Aldo slips a takedown and lunges at Florian with a missed knee. From the southpaw stance, Florian tries to stick his right jab and set up another takedown. Both men look rather tentative on the feet after 90 seconds of round two. Florian ducks in for a single-leg but wades right back out. They trade inside thigh kicks and Aldo socks Florian with a straight right hand. Florian connects with a few nice low kicks and is blocked up high. He tries to clinch the champion and Aldo shucks him off, missing a soccer kick as Florian stood back up. Aldo steps out of the way of another Florian single-leg and slaps the challenger with a sharp inside leg kick; Florian answers in kind. Florian bullies Aldo into the fence and the round ends there.

Round 3

Aldo lands a nice jab, follows up with a right straight that snaps back Florian’s head. An inside thigh kick from Aldo buckles Florian’s right leg and Aldo capitalizes with a two-punch combination, finished by a hard right. Florian circles the outside, trying to stick his jab. He ducks in for a takedown try and is stuffed, winding up on his back. Aldo has mount, then tries to secure Florian’s back, but Florian escapes. Florian is defending well underneath, keeping Aldo in deep half-guard and out of full mount. Two minutes remain in the round and Aldo is looking for mount, not throwing much offense aside from a few sporadic punches. Florian tries to control the wrists of the champion and work his way out of the position. It gets Aldo to stand, where he has to dodge upkicks from the American. Aldo goes back to the ground, where Florian uses butterfly guard to escape to his feet. Florian tries a single-leg with 30 seconds to go, instead shoving Aldo into the fence, where the round ends.

Round 4

As they enter the championship rounds, it’s Florian looking to land leg kicks. Aldo keeps chopping away at his challenger’s right leg. Florian tries to tie up, gets shoved off and has a takedown attempt denied as well. He muscles Aldo against the cage, looking to hook the leg and trip the Brazilian to the canvas. The action stalls out in the clinch until Aldo gets his leg loose and circles out. Aldo slips another takedown try from Florian, and another. Florian walks right up and clinches with Aldo, backing him into the cage again and landing a few knees. Aldo reverses the position and Florian’s corner screams that the champ is grabbing the fence. Florian reverses now and goes for a single-leg, but Aldo hops away. Into the final minute of the fourth round, Florian gets the clinch again and boos rain down. Florian tries to keep Aldo at bay with teep kicks as the round ticks away. Aldo misses a jumping knee and a right hand at the horn.

Round 5

Florian lobs a few punches and dodges a few from Aldo before once more clinching up with the champion on the fence. Florian tries the single-leg again and Aldo slips out. Trying to land a knee, Florian slips and winds up on his back, Aldo kicking at his legs. Aldo goes to Florian’s half-guard and slams the challenger with a hard, short elbow. Aldo takes full mount with just under three minutes to go, but Florian bucks and rolls, regaining half-guard. Florian powers his way back to his feet and is shoved into the cage by the champ. The men trade tired knees and stall out, prompting a restart from referee Miragliotta with 80 seconds to go. They’re soon back in the same position, Aldo pushing Florian into the fence, with the same amount of action. Florian reverses with 40 seconds left and tries to lunge in with a knee. Aldo gets his back off the fence, grazes with a combo, misses with a knee and one final high kick. The champion straddles and backflips off the fence while Florian leans in his corner.

Official result: All three judges see it 49-46 for the winner by unanimous decision and still UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo.

UFC 136 "Edgar vs. Maynard III"

Main Event Of The Evening

UFC Lightweight Title Match (5, 5mins Rounds)

(C) Frank Edgar


Gray Maynard

Round 1

Josh Rosenthal is the referee in charge of tonight’s main event; judges Douglas Crosby, Nelson Hamilton and Cecil Peoples are cageside should the bout go the distance. The champion scores first with a straight right-left hook combination. Edgar spends the first 90 seconds circling, then ducks inside and goes for a takedown. He takes Maynard’s back standing and Maynard squirts free. Big head kick is blocked for Maynard, but he slugs the champion with a massive right uppercut. Edgar is still wobbly with Maynard drills him with a knee in the clinch. Still recovering, Edgar lands a solid right hand and takes one back. Maynard drops the champion again and Edgard clings desperately to a leg. Edgar gets back to his feet and is greeted by another uppercut and a violent flurry of punches. Maynard zaps Edgar with a left hand, slaps him with a right high kick and drops him with a knee. Edgar is gushing blood from his nose as he tries to survive the final 30 seconds of the opening round. Edgar is on his feet but sustaining severe punishment, punches and knees from Maynard, who snaps off one more stiff left jab at the horn.

Round 2

Maynard is hunched over, hands low as Edgar tries to get inside and punch. The champ can’t find his range, though, and switches back and forth between southpaw and orthodox stances while Maynard picks his single left hands and circles away. Edgar lands a few leg kicks now. He trades punches with Maynard, who is content to let the champion chase him and select his counterpunches. Edgar is landing right hands, body shots, leg kicks, putting more volume on the champion. Edgar sends Maynard stumbling with a one-two, finished by a strong left hook.

Round 3

Edgar puts a one-two on Maynard, who replies with a knee up the middle and a murderous uppercut which the champion sidesteps. Single-leg attempt from the champion yields nothing as Maynard hops away. Edgar scores with a leg kick and Maynard gives him an even harder one in return. Maynard dismisses another takedown try from Edgar. Halfway through the third round and sprinkling of boos can be heard, though the action in the cage keeps coming. Edgar steps inside and drills Maynard with an overhand right. Edgar misses on a combination, tries to get inside with a single-leg and can’t. The champion slaps Maynard with a leg kick and circles out, dodging another big uppercut.

Round 4

Edgar is coming on strong as the fight goes into the championship rounds, still bloodied around the grill but finding his right hand. The champion continues working angles, chopping Maynard down with leg kicks. Maynard’s punches, meanwhile, are getting less and less accurate. Edgar bashes Maynard with an uppercut. Maynard falls and gets back up, stumbling backward, only to be met by a pair of brutal right hooks. Referee Rosenthal hovers as Maynard falls to his knees and Edgar slugs away. Edgar gets off three or four clean left hands before the ref is forced into action. At 3:54 of the fourth round, Frankie Edgar retains his UFC lightweight title.

Official Result: Frankie Edgar wins via TKO & retains Lightweight title

If you missed the prelims from FaceBook & Spike TV click the link below to view what happened there...

What a night it was 2 title matches and 2 titles retained. Saturday October 29th the UFC Welterweight title will be on the line when Carlos Condit challenges Georges St. Pierre in Las Vegas. Join us again then!!

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