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ROH Presents Boiling Point Quick & Full Results

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ROH Wrestling presents Boiling Point quick & full results. Here is a special look at what happened on a great night in Rhode Island, NY...

ROH Wrestling Presents....

Boiling Point

Quick Results

Roderick Strong (w/ Truth Martini) def. Mike Mondo (wins via the sick kick)

QT Marshall def. Antonio Thomas, Vinny Marseglia, Matt Taven(QT wins & earns a ROH contract)

Adam Cole def. 'Brutal' Bob Evans (wins via figure four for the submission)

Charlie Haas def. 'Unbreakable' Michael Elgin (Wins via roll up for the pinfall)

The Briscoes def. Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino (wins via DoomsDay Device for the pinfall)

Jay Lethal def. Tommaso Ciampa 2 falls to 1 ( wins 3rd fall via Lethal Injection for the pinfall)

Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Ray def. Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis (wins via Edwards ankle lock & Bennett taps out)

Kevin Steen def. Eddie Kingston retains ROH World Title (wins via F-Cinq for the pinfall)

ROH Wrestling Presents....

Boiling Point

Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini


“No Fear” Mike Mondo

The two exchange heavy chops around the ring, before breaking down into an all-out brawl, before Mondo powers Strong into the corner. The two break, with Strong taking the advantage and sending his opponent crashing to the outside. Following a suicide dive to the outside, Strong continues his assult, but Mondo is able to hit a headbutt which busts his opponent open the hard way!

Back in the ring Strong hits a huge dropkick to a seated Mondo, but is only able to get a 2-count. Frustrated, he takes the action back to the outside and continues his offense. Strong screams "this is my company!" before landing a brutal suplex on the floor. Mondo comes back with short knees to the temple on the apron, eventually trapping Strong between the apron and the ring skirt. Mondo with a big stomp, but only gets 2.

The refereee asks Mondo if he can continue, as he looks very much out of it. The ref looks to throw out the match, but Mondo grabs him and refuses to quit! While they are both distracted, Strong attacks from behind and lands a huge backbreaker, but only gets 2! Back to his feet Mondo gets the counter with a one-armed spinebuster, and locks in the STF in the middle of the ring. Strong is able to escape the hold, and hits the Sick Kick for the win!

Winner: Roderick Strong

Matt Taven


QT Marshall


Antonio Thomas


Vinny Marseglia

Lots of quick exchanges and tags early on in this match. It is worth noting that in a ROH 4-Way match, there are only two opponents in the ring at any given time, who tag in and out. It's not long before the referee loses control of things and we have all four guys brawling in the ring. Some sloppy work as things broke down.

Match went on with dozens of exchanges and big spots from these four independent workers. There's entirely too much chaos to keep track of, but Matt Taven held a lot of the momentum throughout. A great moment with Taven hitting a springboard moonsault onto QT, followed by a spinning DDT picking up only a 2-count. Eventuallly QT Marshall clears the ring of Thomas and Marseglia, before countering Taven and hitting his finisher for the win.

Winner, and recipient of a ROH contract: QT Marshall

Proving Ground Match (Non Title)

ROH World TV Champion

(C) Adam Cole


“Brutal” Bob Evans

These two lock up with every contrasting styles. The TV Champion takes most of the early advantage with his speed and technical ability, but Evans is eventually able to power him down. Evans locks in a bear hug in the middle of the ring, supplementing it with blows to the back. "Brutal" Bob drops the Champ to the mat with a simple, yet effective slam, but only gets a 2-count.

Bob continues working down his opponent, but Cole is eventually able to break free and hit a big running enziguri. Cole with yet another enziguri, but only gets two. The TV Champion gets back up and tries for a third, but Evans explodes out with shoulder block. Evans takes a big superkick to the jaw, but kicks out and goes right back on the offensive.

Adam Cole locks in the Figure Four, and "Brutal" Bob does all he can to escape, but eventually taps out to famous submission hold.

Winner: Adam Cole

Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini


“No Fear” Mike Mondo

Elgin controls the early going by power alone. As the announcers put over Haas' tag team experience, reminding us that he usually has a partner to tag, Elgin hits a big stalling suplex in the middle of the ring. Haas kicks out at two.

Roderick Strong makes his way back to the ring and distracts Elgin long enough for Haas to go back on the offensive for the first time in the match. Haas takes the action to the outside while Kevin Kelly and Nigel try to sort out the controversy surrounding the World Title picture. It appears that Rhino will take the next shot in Chicago, while Elgin will face whoever might be the Champion in Toronto.

Haas wraps Eglin's leg around the ring post and goes to work on the knee. Haas continues to work the knee as he makes his way back into the ring . Elgin writhes in pain on the mat as Haas stalks his prey. Both men are on the feet, but Charlie Haas makes the mistake of getting into a right hook match-up with Elgin, who takes the easy advantage. Haas goes right back on the offense again, once again targeting the injured knee. He locks in an Indian Deathlock, but Elgin gets free.

Roderick Strong remains on the outside, and eventually drinks a beer with Charlie Haas. Elgin drives Haas into the barricade, taking out Strong in the process. They make their way back into the ring, but Strong sprays beer into the eyes of his former partner, allowing Haas to roll-up Elgin for the 3-count!

Winner: Charlie Haas

The Briscoes


“Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino

This one breaks down into chaos almost immediately, with the four splitting up and taking the action all over the ring-side area. The Briscoes are in almost complete control for the first five minutes, but their opponents begin to gain momentum as they make their way back into the ring for the first time in the match. Corino tags in Jimmy Jacobs who takes down Mark and hits him with a elbow drop from the second rope, before doing... the chicken dance? Oy...

The Briscoes go back on the advantage with some "Redneck Kung Fu", landing a short jab to the throat of Jimmy Jacobs. This match is kind of ridiculous... Jay gets the tag and lands about a dozen left hands to Corino, but ends up on the recieving end of a big back body drop. Jacobs back in now, but the advantage doesn't last long. Mark Briscoe hits a splash of the top rop, but Corino breaks up the pin. Jacobs finds of bit of life as he grapples the head and looks to go for Sliced Bread, but Jay counters and the Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Briscoes

2 out of 3 Falls Grudge Match

Jay Lethal


“The Sicilian Psychopath”
Tommaso Ciampa w/ RD Evans

Lethal asks for the Code of Honor, but Ciampa slinks back to his corner and sits down on the mat. RD Evans enters the ring as his "legal advisor" and offers to shake hands for his client, but Lethal isn't having any of that, as he delivers a huge slap to Evans' face. This prompts Ciampa out of his corner as he he tackles Lethals to the ground. Ciampa is already favoring his knee, as Lethal hits a superkick and the Lethal Injection early on, but only gets a 2-count! Ciampa gets to his feet, but takes the Lethal Combination as Jay Lethal takes the first fall.

Lethal: 1 - Ciampa: 0

We get a 30-second intermission as both challengers rest up for the next fall; the crowd chants "Lethal" throughout. As the intermission ends Jay goes right back on the offense, hitting a flurry of mounted punches in the corner. The announcer's put over Ciampa's knee injury as "legitimate" as things spill outside. RD Evans gets in the referees face, seemingly trying to buy time for Ciampa to recover, who finally makes it to his feet and removes a section of the padding on the outside floor. Ciampa hoists up Lethal for the suplex, but its countered and Tommaso once again gets taken down. Lethal has controlled about 95% of this match so far.

Lethal goes for a triangle choke, but Ciampa lifts him overhead to escape before nailing a HUGE knee right to the Lethal's jaw. Project Ciampa lands, Tomasso gets the pinfall.

Lethal: 1 - Ciampa: 1

After the intermission Lethal is still knocked out on the mat. Ciampa goes for the quick pinfall as soon as he's allowed, but only gets two-and-a-half! The two competitors strungle to the top rope; slow reversals as they struggle to maintain control. Lethal knocks down his opponent and hits a double axehandle, a big neckbreaker and eventually Hail to the King. Only two! Lethal takes him to the apron, but Ciampa counters and hits a modified Celtic Knot as Lethal's head bounces off the apron. "ROH" chants break out everywhere. The referee starts his count, and unbelievably both men pull themselves back into the ring at 19! (ROH uses a 20 count)

Both men slowly make their way to their feet and hammer away with traded right hands. The crowd is fully behind Lethal at this point, but Ciampa manages to land yet another huge knee. RD Evans gets back on the ropes and causes the distraction, which allows Ciampa a low blow on his opponent! Out of nowhere Prince Nana makes his return to take out Evans, sending him crashing through the baracade. Ciampa leaves the ring to take care of Nana, but upon returning he gets caught with a big kick to the groin by Lethal, followed by the Lethal Injection for the final 3-count!

Lethal: 2 - Ciampa: 1

Winner: Jay Lethal

ROH Wrestling Presents...

Boiling Point

Co-Main Event Of The Evening

Mixed Tag Team Match

“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Ray


“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett & “The First Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis

The Code of Honor is followed for this match.

Maria wants to start and Sara obliges. Maria tags in Bennett before locking up and Edwards is tagged in as well. They lock up and Bennett works on the arm and wrist. Eddie with a reversal into an arm bar. Bennett with a knee and side head lock. Bennett with a shoulder tackle. Edwards tries for an O’Connor Roll but Bennett holds on to the ropes. Edwards with a rana followed by a kick, chop, and back senton for a near fall.

Bennett with a back elbow in the corner. Edwards floats over on an Irish whip and he kicks Bennett and hits a running kick to the chest. Edwards with a chop to Bennett. Bennett with a jawbreaker followed by an elbow to the back of the head. Sara makes the blind tag and Sara with a kick to Bennett. Edwards with a chop and Sara with kicks.

Edwards with a back heel kick and Sara with a kick to the back of the head. Sara asks Maria if she wants to get involved. Del Rey with kicks to the chest and a back heel kick. Maria pulls Sara down by the hair and Bennett tags in Maria.

Maria with a kick to the midsection and she chokes Sara in the ropes. Bennett chokes Del Rey in the ropes and then Edwards is sent back to his corner by the referee. Maria with head butts and then Bennett is tagged back in.

Bennett with a snap mare but Sara with a kick to the head and Eddie is tagged back in. Edwards with a missile drop kick. Edwards with chops to Bennett. Edwards with rapid fire chops in the corner. Bennett with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Edwards puts Bennett in the tree of woe. Edwards with a hesitation drop kick and then Sara with kicks. Edwards with a baseball slide into Bennett while still in the tree of woe and Edwards gets a near fall.

Edwards chops Bennett. Maria grabs Eddie’s leg. Eddie goes to the apron and he sets for the running knee off the apron but Bennett catches Edwards and hits a spear onto the floor. Bennett sends Edwards into the guardrails. They return to the ring and Bennett gets a near fall. Bennett with a slam and then he chokes Edwards with his boot.

Maria tags in and she kicks Edwards and applies a front face lock. Bennett tags back in and Bennett with a snap mare and key lock. Bennett with a knee and he tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Edwards lands on his feet. Edwards with a Codebreaker. Bennett with a slap but Edwards with a super kick. Bennett fires back with a lariat that flips Edwards.

Maria tags in and she gets a near fall. Maria kicks Edwards and Edwards with a single leg trip and Del Rey tags in. Del Rey with three running boots to Maria. Del Rey kicks Bennett off the apron. Del Rey gets Maria on her shoulders but Maria escapes. Sara with a series of forearms followed by an Irish whip. Bennett tags in when Del Rey charges into the corner with a Liger Kick. Edwards tags in and he hits a suicide dive onto Bennett.

Eddie misses a double stomp and Bennett with a boot. Edwards with a backpack Stunner for a near fall. Edwards puts Bennett on the turnbuckles and he chops Michael. Bennett tries for the Box Office Smash but Eddie rolls through and he applies the Achilles Lock. Maria slaps Eddie but he holds on. Sara has Maria in the ankle lock but Maria goes under the ring.

Bennett with the Achilles Lock on Edwards. Del Rey emerges from under the ring and he has Maria’s ring gear in her hands. Sara throws it at Bennett and Eddie with a rollup into the Achilles Lock and Bennett taps out.

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Rey

ROH Wrestling Presents...

Boiling Point

Main Event Of The Evening

ROH World Championship Match

(C) Kevin Steen


Chikara Grand Champion
Eddie Kingston

Kingston attacks Corino at ringside and then Steen and Kingston exchange punches. Kingston attacks Jacobs as well. Kingston Irish whips Steen into the guardrails and Kingston with a chop. Jacobs with a rake of the eyes but Kingston returns to the ring and hits a suicide dive onto Steen, Corino, and Jacobs. Kingston sends Jacobs and Corino to the back.

Eddie kicks Steen and sends him back into the ring. Kingston looks under the ring and he gets a chair. Steen blocks the chair shot and hits a Codebreaker using the chair. Steen with a flip leg drop onto the chair on Kingston’s head but Steen can only get a two count.

They go back to the floor and Steen Irish whips Kingston into the guardrails. Steen suplexes Kingston onto one of the steel ROH signs that cover the guardrails. Steen looks under the ring and he gets a turnbuckle and he hits Kingston with it. Steen gets a table from under the ring and he puts it against the guardrails. Eddie avoids going into the table and he stops short. He suplexes Steen through the table.

Kingston rolls Steen back into the ring and Eddie gets another table from under the ring. Eddie puts it on the apron and the Yes chants distract him long enough to allow Steen to recover and hit a baseball slide into the table.

Steen thinks about bringing the table into the ring but he decides to hang it between the ring and guardrails. Steen tries to suplex Steen through the table. Kingston tries to reverse it and suplex Steen through the table but Steen blocks it. Steen power bombs Kingston through the table.

The referee checks on Kingston who is not moving after being power bombed through the table. Some other officials come to ringside to check on Kingston and then they call for the medical staff to check on Eddie.

Steen gets on the mic while they are checking on Kingston. Kevin addresses a fan in the crowd and he uses some colorful language.

Steen says that they were off to a great start. Kevin says that Jim Cornette is at home watching this. He says that he has to give Jim credit because by bringing out people who are not on the roster so he does not have to worry if they get hurt.

Steen tells Kingston that he dedicated this match to Larry Sweeney but he is being carried out.

Kingston returns to the ring and Kingston punches Steen. Steen with forearms but Kingston punches back. Kingston with an Irish whip and Yakuza kick followed by a lariat and Kingston gets a near fall. Steen blocks the spinning back fist. Kingston with a half nelson suplex for a near fall.

Kingston goes to the floor and he looks under the ring and he has another chair. Steen kicks the ropes when Eddie returns to the ring and then Steen with a DDT onto the chair. Steen gets the other chair and he puts it against Eddie’s head and Steen hits the cannonball. Steen rolls Kingston into the center of the ring and he gets a two count.

Steen gets another chair and he brings it into the ring. Steen looks under the ring and gets another table. Steen brings it into the ring. Steen hits Kingston in the ribs with the chair. Kingston misses the spinning back fist again. Kingston with a Saito suplex through the table and he gets a two count. Kingston gets a chair and he sets it up. Steen spits on Kingston and then Kingston hits a Saito suplex through chair but Steen kicks out and Corino pulls the referee out of the ring.

Rhett Titus attacks Corino and they fight to the back. Jacobs has a chain but Kingston with a spinning back fist to Jacobs. Steen with a low blow but he can only get a two count. Steen with F-Cin but Kingston kicks out. Steen gets a chair and he hits Kingston in the back with it. Steen sets the chair up and then he hits Kingston in the back with the other chair.

Kingston spits in Steen’s face and Steen kisses Kingston before hitting F-Cinq through two chairs for the three count.

Winner: Kevin Steen

What a night it was in Rhode Island. Join ROH the next time on iPPV when they present Death Before Dishonor X (10) LIVE Saturday night Sept. 15th!!

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