Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Undertaker & Legacy From My Point Of View...

Hello again everyone,

Welcome to a special look at The Undertaker from my point of view.  In this blog will feature a few of my thoughts and memories watching this once in a lifetime man/character...

What a lot of people may not remember or know is that before becoming The Undertaker, Mark Calaway was in WCW.  He went under the name of 'Mean' Mark Callous.  In my opinion his biggest match was when he was managed by Paul Heyman.  'Mean' Mark challenged Lex Luger for the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship at the Great American Bash 1990 (Click Here For That Event). 

From there the next thing I remember he (Mark Calaway) was being introduced by Ted Dibiase as his mystery partner in the at the 4th annual WWF Survivor Series (Click Here For That Event).  He would look dominate taking out his opponents and no selling their moves or move sets.  While undefeated over the course of the year The Undertaker would challenge Hulk Hogan for the then WWF Heavyweight Championship.  This match would end in controversy at the 1991 Survivor Series (Click Here For That Event).  Ric Flair would slide a chair into the ring The Undertaker would 'Tombstone' Hulk Hogan on it and become the NEW then WWF Champion plus the youngest champion ever at that time.  The then WWF would hold an event the following Tuesday called 'This Tuesday in Texas' (Click Here For That Event).  Hulk Hogan would go on to defeat The Undertaker to regain the then WWF Heavyweight Championship.

Next up WrestleMania IX (Click Here For That Event) earlier in the year a GIANT would debut and target The Undertaker his name was the 'Giant Gonzalez'.  They would feud over the course of three months leading to their match at WrestleMania.  While the match wasn't the best The Undertaker won yet another WrestleMania match.

Following the feud with the GIANT The Undertaker would lose a casket match to Yokozuna.  He was gone for a period of time and in his absence Ted Dibiase brought in 'The UnderFaker' which was an imposter (Click Here For Brian Lee).  Months went on as this imposter would mimic alot of the real Undertaker .  This culminated with a match at SummerSlam 1994 where it would be The Undertaker returning to face off with 'The UnderFaker' (Click Here For That Event).  The Undertaker would go on to win that match & 'The UnderFaker' was never heard from again. 

Fast forward to WrestleMania XIII (Click Here For That Event).  The Undertaker in the main event would defeat Sycho Sid to become the NEW then WWF Champion (2nd Reign).  In the time that The Undertaker was champion his former manager Paul Bearer would bring in Kane.  Kane the long lost brother of The Undertaker who was thought to be dead after a fire at the family house.  Months had passed by while Taker was still champion and Kane looking over his head.  Along came Bret Hart as the NEW contender for the title.  This leading to SummerSlam 1997 'Hart & Soul' (Click Here For That Event).  Shawn Michaels per Vince McMahon would name HBK the special referee.  HBK nails Taker with the chair intended for Bret & has no choice but to count 3 making Bret the NEW & 5 time then WWF Champion.  That would begin the feud with HBK.  This rivalry became so personal that a new match was created to settle this war.  The next event would be named 'Bad Blood' In Your House (Click Here For That Event).  For the 1st time ever HBK & Taker would be locked in what's called Hell In A Cell.  A steel cage that takes over the entire ringside area and has a closed top so no one, no one you would think.  As taker was about to put away HBK the FIRE hits and out comes Kane.  Kane rips the door off the hinges and stands face to face with Taker.  From there he would kick Taker and nail him with his own Tombstone.  HBK crawls over and gets the win.  This would begin the blood feud between the 2 brothers.

That is it for part one.  Stay tuned and look out for part 2 right here.

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